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    I actually do not understand why the Support contact is closed when in my opinion it is the way to report bugs. I guess that it is to prevent their box to explose with topics which have nothing to do with real bugs but waiting that the support contact re-opens and seeing staff answering so often in this forum is very frustrating for me particularly because they do not look to local ones. So because it seems to be, for the rest of the week, the normal way to report strange things,…

    Using the Structure theme if you wish to articulate your posts using the titles polices proposed Title1, Title 2, … Title 6 it looks exactly the way you wish in the visual editing box but as soon as you publish you post there are no more 6 kinds of titles but only 3 as you can see HERE

    Could it be a little bug ?

    The blog I need help with is earlflosse.wordpress.com.



    Hi tassiopee,

    Each theme sets its own styles for the heading tags so it’s up to the designer of the theme to choose what the sizes (and styles) will be. The styles set in the theme don’t get applied in the visual editor which is why you may see a difference when viewing there. This is why we included the “Preview” button as a way to see what your post is going to look like in your chosen theme.

    If you’re not happy with the style choices that a designer made in a theme you can override them if you purchase the Custom CSS upgrade. That way you can tweak a theme to be exactly the way you want.



    Hi, the problem that I tried to expose is not the diffĂ©rence between visual and html editor (I do not request to change the police)… but the fact that :
    Title (or header) 1 = Title 2
    Title 3 = Title 4
    Title 5 = Title 6
    and I am not sure that it was designed.

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