Titles of pages in Nishita

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    1.How can I delete the titles of all pages yet keep it in my menu?
    2. How can I control the font size and spaces between the letters in the pages titles?
    3. How can I change the color of the links in Links (below Projects on the right column) – “A Voyage To Cythera – WATCH ONLINE!”
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is ayabenron.com.


    This will remove the page titles from only the static pages in your site. It will not take anything out of the menu or affect the menu at all.

    .page .page-title {
    display: none;

    Color of text links in the sidebar. Second bit is if you want to set a different color for when a cursor is over the link (hover).

    #sidebar a {
    color: #CC0000;
    #sidebar a:hover {
    color: #00FF00;


    thank you very much! it worked.


    you are welcome.

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