To babe? Or not to babe?

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    Hey, y’all, I’m a little new here, and I just needed some [hopefully] quick help.

    I’ve started a blog that encompasses a ton of different random subjects, and I include a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Babe of the Day post every day.

    While my dude readers love it, I have some family and female friends that would like to view the blog, but leave out the babe entries.

    I was wondering if it’s possible to have a little “pre-blog” page that allows users to click the option to view my blog with bikini girls or without them.

    Can anyone help me out with that?

    The blog I need help with is



    There will be no super-easy way to do this with one blog, but I’ll certainly give you a few alternatives that you may look into:

    1) Create a separate blog (with a different domain) entirely for your “Babe of the Day” posts. This is a fairly simple approach, as it allows you to completely separate the dude-stuff from the chick-friendly stuff. You can then link both blogs to each other if you like via the Blogroll, a text widget, etc.

    2) Use categories (this is a one-blog approach and closer to the effect you seem to be after). For your “Babe” posts, always categorize them with a “babes” category (or something similar – totally up to you). For all other posts (the chick-friendly stuff), always categorize them with “everything else” or some other category (again, the actual name of the category is up to you).

    Once you have those categories set up, configure your blog to display a static front page ( On this static front page, you can add the links to the different categories and advise readers of what they are for – this will allow your readers to only see the content they want. For help with creating links within a page, you can check out

    Hope this helps; I’m sure users may have some other ideas, as well.


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    Another possibility would be to keep the SEO power of having a dynamic home page, but date the ‘bikini girl posts’ sometime before you began your blog. Categorize those posts as ‘babes.’ Those posts won’t appear on your front page (nor on recent posts widget), but your audience for that sort of thing will find them from your category cloud. Apparently in very large type‚Ķ

    Of course, “mom” and your “best girl friend” will still know those posts are there. But unless they choose to read that category, they won’t have to look at them.



    Awesome. I may explore a couple of these ideas.

    Thanks a lot, guys!


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    You’re welcome!

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