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To Date Your Friend's Ex Or Not To?

  1. What do you think about this? Should this be allowed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dating is all about opportunity cost. The real question is: how hot is your friend's ex, and how close are you to your friend? Very hot ex, so-so friend, then go for it. Or, so-so ex and a very close friend, then it's probably best not to. Of course, it's not always going to be zero-sum like that; you can usually both date your friend's ex and keep your friend. YMMV.

  3. Depends what sort of relationship your friend had with the ex. If it was a serious one, then maybe give it a wide berth, at least until it is less raw. Or maybe just have one drunken sex session while you ponder it...

    Just kidding, don't do that. Admit it, you were considering it weren't you...

  4. My best friend's ex-girlfriends are all ugly pigs, so no, definitely not.

  5. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    There are over six billion people on this planet, if you seriously cannot find someone to date that has not dated one of your friends then you really need to improve your social skills.
    It's tacky.

  6. lol @ thepurpledogpaintingblog this is true...

  7. Dont do it !!!

  8. It's like eating leftovers on someone else' plate: No

  9. You have two choices:
    Either walk away from your friends ex and have a real relationship with someone else.


    Date your friends ex and which in turn make your friend a non-friend, get the emotional experience of misery that led her to becoming an ex, walk away and have a relationship with someone else.

    I'd go with the former since it saves you the trouble of loosing a friend and getting the emotional experience of misery

  10. I suppose it depends strongly on their relationship, but in general it's a pretty bad idea.

  11. luridtalesofdoom

    My opinion is that if you want to do it, then just do it. Other people's feelings on the matter are worth consideration, but they should be secondary to your own will - and if this loses you a friend, then they weren't worthy of your friendship to start with and you can easily replace them with one of the other billions of interchangable people on the planet.

    Have you asked the friend? They might be cool with it anyway.

  12. LOL @spideron !! haha right so i think really it shouldn't be done and i would go for it at all! Thanks guys :)

  13. Yuo know we make sense... lol

  14. tipsy fingers *You* x

  15. Yeah, no. This is just taboo and wrong. Do you value the relationship with your friend? I thought there was some unwritten rule about NOT doing this, or maybe I've been living in the mountains too long.

  16. That you would even think to ask the question makes you a lesser person.

  17. I agree with the purplepaintingdogblog!
    It's sloppy seconds. Why would you want that? Also, if he really is your firend you would know the reason why she is now an "ex"
    Also, he is your friend then why would you want to make everything worse and datehis ex. They dated for a reason and broke up for a reason.....
    lol at gigisanchez!


  18. Code of Ethics here... just dont do it!! (And if you do, make sure he or she is worth losing a friend for.)

  19. Well you have to look at all the details.
    1. How long ago did they break up?
    2. Was it a very bad break up?
    3. Are they still friends and talking?
    4. How close are you to either of them?
    5. What do you want out of the relationship?
    6. Don't just play around with it. Ash your friend how would they really feel about it if you dated their ex.

  20. *Ask

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