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    Hello Everyone,
    I have my ideas about this wordpress. These people are so unhelpful. I asked a question and they said that they had no time for me. Does anyone have an email address to contact them? If weall got together we might could make them act better.

    Wecould all sign it too!

    Mary Beulah



    Who said they had no time for you? An administrator? Or one of the regulars on this forum? I got a reply back, I assume from an adminstrator, from their feedback thing the first day I got here. I asked if there was a limit as to how many images I can upload.



    Right. What was your question? Where did you ask it? Who told you they didn’t have time to answer it?

    I have looked through all four of the threads you have posted in and I cannot see what you are talking about, so help me out here and we’ll see if we can help you.



    I must say I was impressed by their response. I asked a question and (andy I think) was visiting my blog to figure things out real fast… No complaints from me :-)




    One of your threads was posted six hours ago and got no response.

    A second one posted 6 hours ago received a response one 4 hours later.

    A third got a response an hour after its posting by me.

    And BTW two of those three threads you have asked no question, and only answered someone elses question in a thread you didn’t start.

    I say again PLEASE!!!



    do you think you’re a bit…demanding?

    you’re probably not the only one they have queries to answer to.

    i reakon if i get a response from the forum from anyone within a day, i’d be pleased; if i sent the admins a feedback message i’d hope to even get A SINGLE response from them.

    but after reading some comments from people here it seems as though they’re very committed to helping everyone using wordpress.


    these people here are very helpfull
    I had a question & its fixed in 24 hours, thats great
    people have other things to do and dont kow where u live but there are also timezones, Im from Holland and if I ask a question in the morning, the peeps in the US are still sleeping, so a little patience is not much asked in my opinion, this is a great community



    Well, that’s not fair. There are problems and issues but they’re addressed pretty fast more often than not, especially if you use the feedback button.



    Is this a ploy to get people to visit your site marybella? The wordpress people have been nothing but helpful and quick to respond.



    Locking thread. I see one support thread that the user started besides this one and it was answered in 20 minutes. If Mary has an issue, I welcome her to state it instead of protecting randomly. I’m sure we all would be happy to help with it if/ when she does.


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