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    I’d like to be able to follow a blog WITHOUT it going to my email. The way I can see such a thing working is for a private page (after I login, of course) to exist that has a list of relevant links (and maybe with 10 to 20 words of preview text) to the things I subscribe to (posts in other blogs, followups to my comments in other blogs, etc). This page can then be linked from my admin panel, as well as my own view of my own blog in the top bar where my admin link and recent stats graph are. It would be like “My Stuff” in the admin page, but w/o stuff I post. It should also be configurable right on that page to selected the different classes of things to show (e.g. posts in followed blogs, followups to comments, new comments in my own, etc), maybe with radio buttons.

    But the big thing for me is I don’t want it in my email.

    The blog I need help with is



    Some of what you want can be done buy subscribing to the RSS feed – you can also use the “Read Blogs” tab on the Home Page to follow blogs with no email – I use the Home Page Read Blogs for many of the blogs I follow.



    Hi, Motre:

    Go to your reading settings here and use the drop-down box to disable e-mail settings. Then you can just follow the blogs in your reader without getting e-mail from them. :)

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