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    I added the counter and real time free stats page from to my blog and tried to follow the instructions from this forum, but it didn’t work. But with some trial and error I finally got it right and want to share this to everyone interested here. Sadly the stats that are built in for is totally outdated. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone of you working for WordPress could update the stats to 21st century standards?

    O.K To get the widget on your page this is the html to copy into a TEXT WIDGET:

    <img src=”” alt=”web stats” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ />

    But don’t save the Widget just yet. Keep the page open. Go to
    Copy the code that’s inside the parenthesis in the yellow code rectangular.
    Go back to your widget page and paste or write the code into your newly pasted code in the 2 places marked with xxxxxxxxxx (se above)
    Place your widget where you want it on the sidebar and save.
    Now your whos among us widget should be in place and you can watch your viewers actions in real time. By clicking on the widget you will reach the stats pages. Good blogging!


    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry I didn’t know that it wasn’t possible to write all of the code into this forum. The first half of it was deleted. I’ll try to write it here and you have to assemble it:

    <a href="">

    (Don’t use the ` signs before and after the code (backticks).



    These directions are found in two posts on my blog.

    (1) Go to the whosamungus site to get the HTML (non-javacript) code you require for the button.
    (2) Customize the bitton color and font color to suit your blog prior to copying the code.
    (3) Log into your blog and go to -> Dashboard ->Appearance -> Widgets
    (4) Drag a Text Widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into in the sidebar box in the position you want it to appear in the sidebar.
    (5) In the larger space below the title for the Text widget paste in the code you copied.
    (6) Click “Save Changes”.



    Thanks very helpful…=)
    Have good good day!!!



    The problem for me was that I couldn’t find a non-java script on whos among us. That was the reason why I started this thread. Can you find a non-java script there, timethief?



    There’s another thread where a representative form whosamungus told us we could email them to get the HTML version of the code that we require.

    As I’m doing my paid work right now I do not have time to search the forum threads for it. I shall leave that to you, okay?



    Here is what I kept a copy of but did not note the url for the thread it was posted into.

    Hi everyone, Christopher from here.

    Great to hear there is interest in our new widget, but the downside is that is requires Javascript, and, as we all know, JS is a no-go on hosted WordPress blogs unfortunately – we’d love to have hosted WordPress users using it believe me!

    If you need pure HTML code for your WordPress blog, shoot us off an email at and just let us know your site URL and what widget you want (the original, custom color, and small widgets are currently embeddable in hosted WordPress blog but nearly all features including the visitor map will still work).

    Feel free to fire off any other suggestions, we always love to hear from our users!

    Merry Christmas everyone!



    I have no idea why they made the HTML only version hidden and available via email only. It seems like an annoying thing that provides no value.



    Since anyone wanting to use their chicklet has to write them anyway and since they invited feedback, maybe best write to them directly.



    I tried and did . quite easy if you understand.

    copy this code

    <img src=”” alt=”web stats” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ />

    Log into your blog and go to -> Dashboard ->Appearance -> Widgets

    Drag a Text Widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into in the sidebar box in the position you want it to appear in the sidebar.

    paste it onto your text box of Text Widget of wordpress. Dont save it. Go to

    get the code and copy inside the parenthesis. e.g: mh5swhacrxcc
    It may unique for each one.

    and paste it on the above place where it is xxxxxxxx and save it. For more help feel free to ask me or mail me. I ll help you.



    Hmmm. Anybody gt problems with this? I suspect that Mr Iqbalselvans posting suffers the same problems as I did – but I did correct the code with the second half (look further up the thread).





    Does this mean you have your widget working now? Pasting code here always worries me, I never seem to get it right .. backtick or no backtick it always seemed messed up pasting here. I’ve had the widget working on my blog for a while but because it’s not realtime, I removed it and use the Firefox add-on instead which is realtime.

    This is the code which works for me:

    <img src=”” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ title=”Click to see how many people are online” />



    Grrr, an important part of the code prefix got stripped off

    By Firefox add-on, I meant I use the Who Amung Us add-on in Firefox, not a Firefox plugin in which isn’t possible.



    Guys, have you taken the time to read the link I provided here?

    The owner of explains there what you need to do in order to get the HTML code from them.



    I even copied the entire explanation from the whosamungus owner above right here in this thread and stall people continued to blag, blah, bla, rather than reading it …what a gong show! :D


    I have a HTML for <img src=”” />| if you want do use it :P


    I write whit space the HTML,but where are spaces,i write whit < a href = ” ” >< img src = ”” /> < / a > | ……i don’t know how to write….sry’ :roll:


    whit 2 ×



    It is your old information on the subject since earlier that has started this confusion from the beginning, Timethief.

    There is no need for you to tap yourself on the back and call everybody else an idiot. Try to place the widget on your website with your instructions from December 4 and you will not succeed! Many users knows that, because they have tried and failed.

    I have got a lot of good advice from you on other things – but back out from this issue. You are clearly not qualified! And why should we wait for an email from the provider when there is a much better way to do it yourself??! Because you don’t get it???

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