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To get the widget to work on

  1. hi
    il codice che ho immesso è quello rilasciato da per i blog
    guarda quello che restituisce:

  2. Pardon me if I misunderstood you. We have a language problem here. I used an online translator and I think what you are saying is:

    The code that I have introduced is that one which released from for blog It watches what it gives back:

  3. Il codice che ho inserito nel widget di testo è quello per
    basta andare alla pagina
    in basso a destra c'è un bottone post che porta a facebook, myspace, smile.
    clicca ed apparirà il bottone W.
    verrà inviato istantaneamente in un nuovo post del blog.
    poi basta copiarlo in un widget di testo (il codice).

  4. The code that I included in the text widget is for
    just go to page
    bottom right is a button that leads to post facebook, myspace, smile.
    Click the button and will appear W.
    will be sent instantly to a new blog post.
    Then just copy it into a text widget (the code).

  5. @truspire
    Here you are spamming for Jesus again - please stop doing this. :(

  6. is the definitive answer from for those trying to get this working on their blog.

    Also @portaleazzurro-it's generally considered rude to include signatures here in the forums. Just FYI

  7. @justjennifer
    chiedo scusa
    non sapevo che non bisogna firmare nei forum.
    non lo farò più.
    cordiali saluti.

  8. @timethief, NO. if you can promote your blogs i can too. just do not read it if you do not want. please stop harassing me.

  9. Hi, truspire. You can promote your blog on our Showcase forum. Off-topic links to your blog, without any relevant context, will be seen as spam.

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