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    I am very unhappy with this ‘improvement’. No way that I want to change to another theme, I spent days customizing it and I don’t appreciate being forced into shopping for something else.

    My blog is a huge mess now. Even the more tag is screwed up in multiple posts. This is the complete opposite of what I wanted for my blog.

    I guess I can only hope that the WordPress staff will show some mercy.



    I just Tweeted to WP about it. Hit ’em on Twitter too.


    Please make this optional.



    What an utterly useless change, it would have been okay if we could disabled it. But now we are basically forced into it…



    After spending ages trying to work out why all my older posts are appearing even though the settings are for 1 latest post on the front page I finally find this.

    Where is the setting to turn this ‘feature’ off?

    If it works why break it??




    This is the most ridiculous thing you have done in a while. Forcing infinite scroll for themes with footer widgets? You didn’t really think this through, did you?

    By the way, this also breaks the dashboard option which allows us to choose how many posts we want to display on the front page. Dashboard options should do stuff. That is why we have them. All you have to do is add an ‘infinite scroll’ ticky box to that field and everyone is happy. Job done.



    This better not appear on Premium themes we have paid for or I, for one, will be MIGHTY UNHAPPY!!!!!

    Although I am using free themes, I still pay for my domain mapping which means I’m stuck for the next year or so. Still, I may just move on because like many, I spent a good amount of time getting things EXACTLY how I wanted them only to be slapped in the face for my efforts.

    I will blog about this tonight. It only seems appropriate. Maybe everyone else should, too.


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    Please don’t expand this “feature” (without option to turn it off) to other themes!

    I can’t imagine what use it would be in such themes as Chateau or Imbalance2, nor Suburbia, to name a few! Not to mention themes without header tabs.

    In any case, even left, right, and top side bar widgets are useless after the first load of posts, unless one were to repeat the same widgets over and over to extend through more than 600 posts!

    In my opinion, this “feature” will only confuse readers…


    Dear Matias and everyone else at WordPress,

    I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of dissent. I think this was a bad idea for two reasons: (1) As noted above, the infinite scrolling renders footer widgets null and void on the main page. Because many readers only read posts on the main page, they will miss those widgets, which could be significant for the blogger. (2) It is one thing to introduce across-the-board, behind-the-scenes changes such as how and where our full stats are viewed. But to change the public aspect of a few themes without consulting users of those themes was an error in judgment.

    I hasten to add that I am overwhelmingly happy with WP and recognize that I get a lot of value for free (although I have been buying additional options regularly the last couple of years). And, when you are constantly innovating, you are not going to get everything perfect. But one sign of a great company is that it acknowledges its mistakes and rectifies them. You have an opportunity to do that now.

    Might I suggest the following steps?

    1. Put Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven back the way they were.
    2. Investigate the feasibility of an opt-in button. If it works, go for it. But people should have to opt in rather than out.
    3. If opting in does not work, create a single “infinity” theme or parallel ones and give people the choice.

    Thanks again for all that you do. Please take my comments, as well as those of others, into consideration.

    John Zimmer



    Dear Matias, I just turned on my site three days ago…. and only after 2 days I got the home page in a completely different way…. I can’t believe. At first I thogt it was a bug, now I understand you mean it as a feature….
    I was in love with Twenty Eleven template – please do as John Zimmer suggests.

    Best regards
    Alberto Schiaffino


    I don’t exactly hate the feature, but I totally hate the fact that it was added without previous warning, and now my front page doesn’t show neither login options nor my creative commons license. Yes, you did a great job, see how everyone is happy?


    Agree with an optional configuration. It’s a problem for slow connections and footer’s configurations :S




    Let me join the chorus of disapproval. Limiting the number of posts on the main page and footer widgets was essential for my blog. Bad policy to change without notice.

    David Bridge



    Please make this feature optional. It makes footer widget useless and it’s impractical, I really don’t see the reason to have this endlesss scroll on my site. I’ve put an effort to make my site readable by creating categories and I don’t like the idea of having everything in one place. Please, change it.

    Best regards
    Bożena Szybowicz



    I love the Theme 2010, but not the infinity scroll. Please make this feature optional. I had chose this theme by reason of the footer widget. Now the footer widgets are useless and I don’t need this endless scroll on my blog.
    Best regards



    Can somebody please tell me if this changing parameters on existing themes already in use is a common practice on WP? I think this is outrageous. It’s like changing the terms of a contract after its been signed or somehow totally altering a product by remote after it has been purchased.

    I can’t understand why it would be done to existing themes already in use rather than added to brand new themes prior to their launch. If this is common practice I have no confidence that my blog will look the same as it does today at any particular time in the future. Who knows what other changes will be forced on us. As such it naturally put the bias toward dropping from WP and using another platform.



    I am as dismayed as all others, to find this change was introduced with no warning and with no ability to optionally turn it off, The Footers blogroll facility on the HOME page is essential to my Neighbourhood Watch community web-site. Please turn it back on WordPress



    Yep, this was a bit of a shock to discover today. Quite uncool.

    Please make this optional. Thanks.



    While waiting for a fix, one possible workaround for anyone using Twenty-Eleven and whose blog is older than about seven months is to switch to Duster. Of course, this is not much use to the much greater number of people on Twenty Ten, or those with newer blogs, but it may help some.



    I don’t see Duster in themes. I use Twenty Ten and need something to have 4 footer widget areas and ability to show just one post on front page. Any help here appreciated.

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