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Infinite scroll added to two themes in

  1. Do not need! Do not want! Do not like! Please allow us to opt out. I switched themes yesterday because of this.

  2. I have already expressed my opinion about it and like others, I really dislike this feature. I, too, had footer widgets and that's why I chose this theme. Please respond about possibility of

      turning this feature off

    Unfortunatelly I had to change theme and Nishita seemed a close choice. Its dark with footer widgets, theme options, custom header and background. Thankfully I didn't have to fix some of the customizations I had.

  3. By the way... I noticed that a site for raspberry pi, which is using the twenty eleven theme doesn't have infinite scrolling, look for yourself:

    How did this happen?


    How did this happen?

    It is a WordPress.ORG install so they are using different software -

  5. Hi wordpress staff,

    I am happy with the infinite scroll update !
    However, could you please add the rating system on all the articles not only the seven first ones :)

    Thank you,
    Keep up the good work !

  6. Please take this scrolling feature away or make it optional. I want my footer back!

  7. This is terrible! Why have we not been given an option!!!!!

    Please remove it now!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is appalling!


    Please allow us to opt out of this!

  9. I hate this change too.

  10. Just FYI...WPsupport's response to my unhappy feedback:

    "Hi, thanks for the feedback. The infinite scroll feature was introduced yesterday and is still very much something that's in-progress. You'll see some changes that make it behave better over the coming days. It's currently limited to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.

    I'm passing your feedback on to the team so that they can all see it, thanks again for sending it in."

  11. *Dislike*. My posts are kind of long, so having infinite scroll, I worry, will be a torture device for my readers.

    But, WP is free, so this kind of change is kind of expected. I'll go find a different theme - or I'll finally take the plunge & do a blog, myself. Thanks for the nudge.

  12. Thanks, @sideways.

    Their response isn't entirely surprising, but the sentence which leapt out was : "... It's currently limited to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven."

    As @thesacredpath has also suggested in this thread and if I were making bets, that statement above does not bode well for other free themes remaining untouched by the infinite-scroll.

  13. Please remove it! We are really unhappy with this change.

  14. sideroadmamaof2

    also chiming in and glad to know i'm not the only one with footer widgets/sometimes long posts. the infinite scroll is really annoying. it also shows up for me while logged in. please give us an opt-out.

  15. ladyliberty1885

    The footer widgets are integral on my blog. This continual scrolling is SO annoying. I have invested a lot of time in this blog to get it how I want it, much like many commenting here. I would hate to have to try and change to a different theme at this point.

    Changing these yhemes to a scrolling feature with no way to turn it off or opt out of it is very short sighted to put it mildly. I would hope WordPress would add a way to turn it off or opt out given the mostly negative feedback I've read here.

  16. Look you people at the wordpress HQ, the news from the users is this: WE DON'T LIKE IT! THANKS FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO, BUT WE WANT TO OPT OUT. So please get a disable button. Please.

  17. I am tweeting them @wordpressdotcom, @wpbeginner and @WordPress in the hopes they get a clue. I am @aeromat if you want to RT.

  18. Matt thinks it is the greatest thing since white sliced bread with preservatives. Good luck.

  19. Please make it optional, at least.

  20. There is no sense in not making it optional. Most of us have spent a lot of time putting your blog together, especially the footer widgets, and we can't afford to loose the info we had there just because you decided to change. I thank you for all the work and help you give us, but this is not doing my work easier.

  21. I do not use these themes, but I READ some bloggers who use these themes.

    This is the most annoying and frustrating thing ever. I had no idea what was happening - I kept scrolling and scrolling trying to get to the bottom, to information which I expected to be there.

    I never found it.

    You say: In the quest to make visitors engage with your content as effortlessly as possible we are rolling out a new feature to your blog home pages—infinite scrolling!

    This visitor says this is one of the worst changes I've ever seen at WordPress.

    For one thing - you cannot MAKE a visitor engage with anything. For another, you are going to be driving people away from these blogs. It is a terrible experience.

  22. I had just changed to Twenty Eleven recently and had just added footers a day or two before the change to infinite scrolling took effect. It is frustrating to have the footers absent (except on archive and viewing single posts). I did notice the pop-up transparent 20-11 footer.

    I've been wondering why my view stats are up where they are. Perhaps the discussion explains that.

    I place the Meta widget at the bottom of the sidebar. The infinite scrolling "slips and slides" when trying to access log in/out.

    I just used Print Friendly today and I think that the inf. scrolling feature forces it to manage one post instead of a group of posts. On archived posts it manages the limited number of posts per page. (As far as I can tell.)

    If I had more invested in the way of CSS or clients, viewers, etc., my experience w/this and voice would have protested readily.

    I am interested in what I read that perhaps there are pending additional changes that will better this and that everyone will like those changes. It is a cool feature. However, I agree that options and/or warnings would be/have been appropriate. Especially options. Thanks, Jenn

  23. I'm a professional runner and was repping my sponsors in the footer.... now they're gone! Please change it back-- looks messy having infinite scroll! I had changed my home page to displaying only 3 posts, to keep it simple (and so you could see my footer with sponsors). I have archive and search features to the right. I would might infinite scroll for other pages I've created, but NOT my homepage.

  24. What a really bad idea!

    I was going nuts trying to get to the bottom of my home page. Why? BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE (...ok I'll stop shouting... ) because that's where my "Meta" widget was with the login link.

    In general, when you have what you think is a good idea, give people the chance to opt in or not, don't do it to them.

  25. Jiminy Christmas. Seriously, did no one at all think "um, hey, what about everyone's footer widgets?" What did you test this out on? Or did you? I mean, I know is free and I guess I get what I pay for, but this just seems like a newbie programmer/developer error. It ought to become a classic case study for it, anyway.

  26. I'm just going to paste what I sent, because nobody has mentioned accessibility so far:

    You need to give us an option to turn off the sudden new "feature" that has removed pagination in Twenty Ten, causing the page to scroll/refresh continuously and putting a non-removable pop-up link at the bottom of the screen saying the name and theme of the blog. I chose this theme because it was easiest to read visually. I know at least one of my readers uses a screen reader. Others have other disabilities. I don't know what this is going to do to the accessibility of my blog. Changing the behavior of a page in such a large way without an off button is really, really bad practice.

  27. I just tried to read a blog on one of these scrolling themes - it is AWFUL!!!!!

    Now, where you might have put this feature for it to actually be useful was the "My Comments" section of the Dashboard.

    Let me ask this - how many professional company website (including this forum) have endless landing pages? NOT MANY!

    What this may drive many to do is use a static landing page because the "blog" page now becomes totally useless for anything other than a "tumblr" approach to life.

    If we wanted that - guess what - we'd be on tumblr and not here!

    Do not commoditize - that is the marketer's nightmare! Once your product is commoditized you have nothing that you can sell - customers go for the cheapest. I accept we are the guinea pigs for the paying customers, but if all you are going to kive them is a tumble clone, why would they stay?

    Why would we stay?

    Differentiation, Mark, is the key to marketing success.


  29. If you seriously believe this is such a great feature, but given the outcry that this is causing among your loyal blogger base, why not:
    - make it opt-in only for all existing blogs AND
    - turn it on by default for all new blogs
    Would that be a fair compromise?

  30. ...and with the possibility of opting out at any time, should I add :-)

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