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Infinite scroll added to two themes in

  1. down with #infinitescroll @wordpressdotcom @wpbeginner @WordPress

    #infinitescrollsux @wordpress @wpbeginner @wordpressdotcom #occupywordpress

  2. Maybe a warning for people using the theme? I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why my site was broken.

    Also, could you clear up if there will be an option to turn this off? Because honestly, it makes my already amateur looking site look even more amateur.

  3. There is no option to turn it off and it is not looking good to get that option - your Stats also seem to be broken now with fake Home Page views.

  4. Dear WordPress,

    After almost 100 posts on this thread, all but one of which clearly signal concern and dissatisfaction with this development, now would be a good time for some kind of a response. I think that people deserve it.

    To recap:

    1. Everyone very much appreciates all that you do.

    2. We recognize that you will not get it right every time.

    3. You did not get it right this time.

    4. Changing a key feature on selected themes without warning is not fair to the users of those themes. Whenever you introduce a new theme, you put a lot of effort into explaining what the features of that new theme are so that users can make an informed choice. It is not right to make changes after the fact.

    5. It has not gone unnoticed that there was no news announcement of this change; only a short comment on a forum post.

    6. Many users (myself included) thought that they had done something wrong on their blogs. After 15 minutes of going through my dashboard, I figured I search the forum and found the answer. I suspect that many newer members are still scrambling to find out what has happened. They won't.

    7. The change eliminates a key feature of the Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven themes: footers on the home page.

    8. The transparent little pop-up that appears when you reach the bottom of the page is seriously annoying and adds no value.

    9. The change has messed up the statistics for views on the home page.

    10. Experienced members such as @timethief who spend a lot of their time answering questions on forums, helping members and strongly supporting most WordPress policies have come out very much against this development. That should tell you something.

    11. Mistakes happen.

    12. This was a mistake.

    13. You have a chance to fix the mistake. Please fix it. It's the right thing to do.

    Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing from you.

    John Zimmer

  5. If this is such an engaging feature, why hasn't it been implemented on the Freshly Pressed homepage? Maybe because people might actually want or need to get to the information in the footer widgets? (That's my biggest complaint about the "Blogs I Follow" homepage because it forces me to switch to another tab if I want to get to the footer.)

    This feature needs a rethink.

    Meantime I'm switching any site I have that was using Twenty-Ten or Twenty-Eleven to other themes. Fortunately those sites are few and minimally customized. Unfortunately, that is certainly not the case for many, many other bloggers with sites here who have spent hours, and perhaps also money, customizing their Twenty-Ten or Twenty-Eleven themes.

  6. We blog because we have opinions. Here's mine.

  7. nickelliottinfo

    I've just been made aware of this by a colleague I've been working with for many years. You have destroyed her blog by adding this ludicrous continuous scrolling. The whole damn reason for coming to WordPress in the first place was to keep some control on the look of the site.

    I suggest that you either do away with this feature straight away or make it optional. I also have a blog with you on the recommendation of this colleague and if you think I'm interested in this being introduced to my theme, you are completely wrong.

    If that is the case I will move my blog to one of your competitors.

  8. Please, listen to your community of bloggers. We are ALL unhappy with this 'neat new feature'. At the very least, give us the option of opting out!

    I am most upset at now having to find another theme, and customise all my settings and redo all my headers all over again, when it took ages the last time!


  9. I have no doubt that the infinite scroll is a great feature for Twenty Twelve, but the above should continue as they are ...


  10. I have decided to temporarily change to another theme (which is far worse), but I trust you'll eventually do the right thing

  11. I really expected SOME sort of staff comment by now.

  12. Agree, I would really like the option to turn this feature off.

  13. Would love to have the ability to turn this feature off, please (Twenty Ten theme).

  14. PS. I think you can get around it by adding:

    .infinite-scroll #footer {

    to the CSS.

    But it only takes away the footer, it doesn't actually stop the finite scrolling.

  15. rickrockwell2011

    Please remove this "feature." Who asked for this? As the above comments note, some actually use the footer area for design and navigation purposes. Please give us the option to opt out.

  16. It would be appreciated if WordPress staff could let us all know if there is a plan to allow an opt-out for this feature ideally before I have to waste time in getting a new theme sorted out.

    Shameless copy of this feature from Slashdot BTW.

  17. Some people love endless scrolling, but I personally hate this a lot. Please make it optional? I don't wanna change my theme again after I settled down with this simple theme.

  18. I think that it's a very unprofessional attitude to do such changes without previous announcement and without an option to not use them. Why not just put this in a new template?

    There are may customizations that are lost.

    Please, go back,

  19. My only hope is that the developers don't get so attached to their own self-proclaimed neat feature and efforts that they end up forcing it upon all those using the themes, and claim that we'll learn to like it and see its uses. Because I don't think I, for one, will.

    I think some might like it, but I know many, who for sure don't.

    So, here is another cry for an opt-out.

  20. Infinite scroll is not even working on my Twenty Eleven site; there is no way to navigate to my previous posts, and my footer is gone. I'm very upset about this.

  21. This needs turning off, or having an opt out.

    And - WordPress - we need responses, not a sticky post!

  22. You know - I really wish that this was optional. Because I really like to control the look of my homepage, so I want to have only a specified number of blog posts to show on it at any given time. I had been using the settings area in order to specify the number of posts to show on my homepage, but now it is useless - the default setting, due to this change you have made, is to have ALL posts ever written showing on the homepage. So really what has happened is you have removed an option from us, rather than improving the design.

    Please make this optional, or remove it. Thanks!

  23. "We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!"

    ~You're not discussing, WordPress. SAY SOMETHING. I've worked really hard on my blog to make it the way I like it, was literally a day away from signing up for a pro membership to further enhance it, and then this was implemented - at the moment, I don't have the heart to even post. This has really, REALLY taken away from the quality of my page.

  24. I've only just starting using WordPress, but it seems pretty clear to me that this feature should be optional.

  25. Have the same problem on blog based at twenty ten.

    Please, remove it.

  26. futureofprojectmanagement

    Don't like this. Please have this as optional. The home page is the first landing page and as most folks have said here, we want full control on what to display on the home page.

    Please listen to your customers and act fast.

  27. So, this time we got infinite trolling from WordPress :D

  28. This 'feature' may be *cool*... But it breaks my blog :(

    The footer area, where all my widgets are, is now completely inaccessible!

    This change should have never been rolled out as it currently is, because it breaks the footer.

    These steps got skipped when this was rolled out (IMHO):
    a) It should have been made optional (and disabled by default).
    b) There should have been an accommodation made for the footer area widgets to still be accessible, -- even when 'enabled' at the very least with a sliding panel or w/e.

    Thanks for the continued feature enrichment, but please don't break backwards compatibility!

    my 2 bits.
    Now I'm forced to use a left/right-sidebar area for my widgets, which doesn't look nice imho.

  29. sorry for the dbl post, I just noticed this in the comment by mannerofspeaking:

    9. The change has messed up the statistics for views on the home page.

    That's an even worse issue than the missing footer area!... indeed my stats are now inflated :(

  30. You either have to turn this off this "feature" or totally disable it. Immediately.

    Please stop making unilateral changes to our themes without asking or providing an opt out option. We have a series of bottom widgets that is one of our MOST POPULAR features. We spent LOTS of cash to customize our theme and I am really tired of having you guys "improve" it-- causing me to have to frantically contact my IT person... And then pay him to "fix" your "improvements" again.

    It's creepy to spend all this money and then have a company come in and CHANGE THE ENTIRE LOOK of your site WITHOUT ASKING YOU IF YOU EVEN WANT IT.

    Please TURN IT OFF NOW-- or provide that opt out button. We are in the process of a launching a new novel on MONDAY 2.13.12 and our site looks like Atotal mess!


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