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To junk or not to junk

  1. Are old computers worth saving for?

    I been thinking why most people junk their old or defective computers away when problem arises with their hardware or software.Is it really the end of it?

    To me, computers are investments that doesn't have to go to waste. Like all other investments, computers can be maintained, optimized, repaired and upgraded. Most of all it can be remodeled...this way it doesn't have to go to waste.

    I've done such to mine, it save me bucks and keep the sentimental value of my CP. You can learn more on how to fix, repair or upgrade old computers at columbus computer repair or doing a search on Google. Options for repair and upgrades are available thru downloads, online technicians or even home services.

    By remodeling or recycling old stuffs, we dont only save bucks but also help in saving planet earth from non biodegradable junks.

    Great way of saving one, isn't it?

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  3. I missed that one, is there a way to retrieve my post

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  5. From what I understand if your computer is older than five years you should just replace it with something new.

  6. Most of the stuff in my old computers can be reused like hard drives, power supplies, and RAM. I could put hard drives in enclosures and save power supplies for future computers and well, I guess RAM can be sold. Along with the rest of the stuff. Some people, like me, just like using ancient stuff sometimes. I recently bought an old tablet because I thought it was a nice little nifty thing to have around. Even if I didn't truly need it. I just preferred it over a new tablet.

  7. You can donate them!

  8. pornstarbabylon

    Make sure you delete all contents and have it start fresh before donating new computers. Anyone who gets it can then retrieve all your personal information. But months ago I heard about this father who bought a used laptop for his young daughter and it was suppose to be wiped clean. Unfortunately it wasn't and his daughter saw things she shouldn't have, if you catch my drift.

  9. I should've mentioned that Porn. My husband had a customer give him a laptop back in January and my hubby asked him to make sure he deleted all that content, Yup he sure did but little did he know I found his male porn on the computer. Hee hee.

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