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To justify or not?

  1. If you wrote lots of text, if your WordPress site/blog showcased your articles, would you justify the text or keep it left-aligned?

    In your opinion, would justified text put you off reading the content?

    I know that for some it might make for difficult reading but it does look more tidier than the left-aligned position. Then again, the left-aligend position is easier to read.

    Sometimes justified text creates different degrees of white space between words - is there any way to improve this? In books, reading justified text is not that bad.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have always justified my text. Through school essays to university coursework, it has always been the same for me.

    Why? Simply, justifying text looks neater.

  3. Agree 100% with noirciplume. Definitely!

  4. No I think it's just personal opinion. I don't get turned off by any of the two as long as it's consistent.

  5. I've tried it and found it creates "holes" to spread out the text. I use a number of different photos per post. It's not a great improvement for the way how I compose blog posts.

  6. I don't care, my posts are f'n sweet either way. :)

  7. The only thing I ever justified was my dissertation. But I had better marks for other essays which was TOTALLY because they were left-aligned. Ergo, justifying always ends in disappointment.

    Or not. I guess it just depends :D

  8. I'm visually l challenged and I find left aligned text to be more readable. Justifying text creates "holes". Blog editors are not word-processors and I accepted that years ago. I never use code to justify text justify text and I don't use code to indent text at paragraph beginnings.

  9. Writing for the web is not the same as writing for print media. When I am faced with large blocks of uninterrupted text in any blog I click out never to return again. From an online reader's POV large blocks of uninterrupted text are a barrier to reading with ease and create eyestrain. Because I'm visually challenged I had no problem divesting myself of the "proper" paragraph formatting . I comprehend that short paragraphs are the way to go and why that is. I'm aware that there must be "white space" and/or images to provide ease for the eyes.

  10. I seem to remember that in my first blog I used justified text, but that was because I was used to using it offline with a word processor. No way would I use justified text anymore in a blog (or email). To my mind it looks too formal. Also, like Timethief, I have some visual problems.

  11. Professional book designers have studied this and justified is far more difficult for people to read. As well, it looks much more formal and thus perhaps less appropriate for a blog.

  12. Isn't that odd. I find justified much easier to read.

  13. Very interesting comments. I never really realised. But I do agree with teamoyeniyi. Perhaps it's that little bit of OCD in me :)

  14. haha lol ardpete

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