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    when adding a catigory and link, i guess i am not understanding after reading the support how do i tab catigory back to my posts? lets say i make a post about food, and then make a tab called food, and catigory it does not go back but to other web sites how do i just get it to mine?

    The blog I need help with is



    You have to use the iNove theme. All other themes function the way you’ve seen, and link to the global tag pages.

    You can use the Category widget in the sidebar and when those are clicked on, they link only to your blog.



    I went to the support documentation here:
    I went to the searchbox and typed in “add categories and tags to posts”
    This was the result
    and there’s even a video linked to in that entry called ““Adding categories and tags to your posts”



    oh thanks for your kind help.

    this is actually what maybe i mean, i just need to establish more of a category base

    “You use categories to organize your blog. Write your posts as posts, not pages. Assign whichever posts to the category “My Poems.” Write other posts: say your other interest is nuclear medicine, so you assign those posts to that category.
    When readers visit your blog, they will choose which category they want to read: WordPress will automatically generate a page with all the posts in that category.”

    I will just keep playing around.

    and oh yes once again i did go to those thinks first before i came here for any guidance.

    just a heads up when new people come and ask a question please be a little more polite and do not treat those who have more questions lest kindly.

    sometimes all we need is someone who may know from their own experience and could help right quick.

    thank you.



    I thought the added information found at those links would be helpful to you. Therefore I took time out from my paid work to post them for your use. When I did so I was very polite, and I laid out the steps I took to locate the information for you. just as I will do for any other newbie. As you dislike my communication style I’ll graciously choose not to answer your threads.
    Best wishes for productive and effective blogging. :)


    oh and they are, but when i come here for added advice i feel i am bothering all of you.
    So i apologies for being slow at word press.

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