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to me, love is.....

  1. To me, love is when I smile whenever I think of your face,

    To me, love is when I can fall asleep in your arms even after an fight

    To me, love is when I run home after work just so I can have u in my space

    To me, love is when I can see that you love me even at my worst

    To me, love is when you are my best friend even when I disagree with what you just said!

    To me, love is when I can't imagine ever having another person touch my body

    To me, love is believing that every thing you tell me is the truth

    To me, love is when I can truly be myself, no frills, no lies, no make up and you still look at me like I am the most beautiful thing you ever saw

    To me, love is when I want to spend every minute with you because you make me laugh, even at myself!

    To me, love is what I have with you everyday and I can't get enough of you!

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  2. phoenixtearsheal

    I like it :D

  3. To me, love is Homecoming here; Leviticus

  4. This is one the favorite poem of me and you blog is really good about this poem .

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