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to move blog or not?

  1. I have a blog that I started as an experiment.

    I would now like to use a blog for business purposes, my relationship coaching program.

    One of my most visited topics is "My Son Won't Stop Playing Video Games. Help!" --I googled 'my son won't stop playing video games' my blog is number 2 on google! Wow!

    I am wondering:

    1- should I just revamp the blog and eliminate anything not related to couples and parenting ---then keep the blog (I will be buying a name for it and doing some css to customize it

    2- or should I start fresh, move the successful posts to the new blog (new blog for couples)?

    I am leaning towards the number one option. Any insight from you pros and novices would be great though.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Pick door number one. The other would essentially be suicide.

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