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to retain a google no.1 position with a different URL

  1. I was recently forced by a superior court to delete my blog (based on their blind-faith acknowledgment of Defense, as response to my Claim and Blog posts) Although I did so, I want to continue my dialogue without entirely relinquishing my rights as a citizen, presumably still living in a democracy. If courts can stop us from voicing our opinions (as is being done) we are doomed to submit to 'big brother.' Can I somehow keep my line: 'The Lonely Road to Justice' and enter a new URL: (?)

  2. You can use a new URL and whatever tagline you want, but this will not give you any guarantees with Google: in fact, it will generally take a number of weeks for them to index your site at all. When they do, undoubtably the people who took down your first site will find it and order this taken down as well.

    New URLs start with zero pagerank, so no, you cannot have your blog deleted by court order and start a new blog that has all the same rank in Google.

  3. Hi Raincoaster! Thanks again for your quick reply. One aspect you did not interpret 'correctly.' "When they do, undoubtably the people who took down your first site will find it and order this taken down as well." I actually took it down entirely, voluntarily, after spending much pain to take out all references (public as they were). As you said, new URLs start with zero page rank, so I just do not want too much time to pass without all being lost and quiet. My new Blog will allow other Authors to participate, as I think you stated is feasible. is my present effort. Thanks Raincoaster.

  4. That is not a blog.

  5. UR correct. Let's stay with wordpress. I will gladly PAY wordpress, or contribute financially, but I am not interested in a '.me' address. Since your last response I have been trying to change my username. I want to activate my present, existing, '' blog and write a first entry, but I am bogged down by being unable to change my former username of 'gopoco'. Somehow, I do not have the savvy to change it. Do you SKYPE? If so, if you have the ability as a Word Press aficionado contributor to help me; I am stuck in mid stream effort adjusting the old to the new....

  6. i.e. HOW to get RID of the GOPOCO? username?

  7. What?

  8. Yes, but for Skype consulting I charge good money.

  9. @raincoaster
    When this blogger first posted this thread (a duplicate to one that Staff nuked previously - check Google's cache) his username was gopoco and now he has changed it to jonkydoodle.

  10. Yes, I see that. I'm still confused by his expectation that even though his blog is deleted he will stay #1 in Google search. I'm happy to talk it through with him over Skype, but it'll be $75 an hour paid up front.

  11. We aren't confused about the inability of non-existent blogs to have a #1 position in Google search but others may be. There's not enough magic in the world for that to happen. :D

  12. hello raincoaster and timethief: (in order of importance):
    1) I appreciate UR input. 2) there is nothing nefarious here! 3) my mug shot is the REAL me! 3) UR clearly far better @ the tech stuff than I am.
    4) I understand I have lost Google position 5) I just want to start writing my new - more generic - blog. 6) I am having difficulties creating the new blog '' 7) I'm told I can't have the 'DASH' 8) I've changed it to:, but it won't delete 'gopoco' + let me change my username with 'jonkydoodle' 9) I can't access a dashboard to start writing my first post 10) sorry to bother U raincoaster. Thank U timethief for ur more gentle approach; .

  13. has been around since 2010 - just log in and invite your new account name into it

    gopoco is forever - can't be deleted

  14. The username gopoco has to Invite the user jonkydoodle to be an Admin of that blog. Right now you have two separate accounts and only one has access to that blog.

  15. "User jonkydoodle Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

    You are logged in as "jonkydoodle" and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for "aboutjustice". If you are not "jonkydoodle", please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are "jonkydoodle" and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you."

    The above is what I am confronted with. I seem 2b going around in circles; I have 'about-justice,' my email, my PW. 'Gopoco' seems to be gone... I am both 'aboutjustice' , AND 'jonkydoodle.' Do I need an invitation? Sorry folks; I'm confused!

  16. jonkydoodle has been around since 2011 - aboutjustice.word... has been around since 2010 - so the blog was hear ahead of jonkydoodle

    You need to log into aboutjustice.word.. with the original account name used to create the blog or do a password reset with the correct account name or the email used to create the blog

  17. Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:

    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    If you have lost your log-in information you can visit

  18. dear 'timethief', and/ or 'auxclass': This Confucius continues...
    1) I am logged in; I see all my profile; I HAVE my site showing ';' all seems set to go. BUT!
    2) The dashboard does not open;
    3) Additional search tells: "You don't have a blog yet. Would you like to create one?"
    4) when I enter all I've got, I'm told the blog already exists!
    5) 'Timethief', none of your suggested links R helping to clear me up.
    6) Could it be admin has some kind of 'blocking' device?

  19. doesn’t exist

    The address cannot be registered. Only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers are allowed.

    That does not exist here does exist - but I don't know if it is yours or not

  20. was created in 2010, it's not the same user.

  21. YES, it IS mine. If you enter: you'll see a Twenty Ten theme I entered several years ago. I am looking to retain the same theme. I log in to it, but as I say there is an ongoing 'glitch.' All seems set, but I can't get in to the Dashboard. As I keep going around in circles, it keeps telling me I have NO blog!

  22. What user name are you trying to log into with?

  23. Could it possibly be aboutjustice?

  24. You have to log in via the username that created that blog.

  25. And if they don't know which email they used they can also try leaving a comment and see if they get a moderation notice

    My guess @TT is the same as yours but that they are not using it

  26. I would try to log in as aboutjustice
    If had I lost my password then I would visit to have one sent to me.
    Then I would watch at the email address I used to register that aboutjustice account with for the confirmation email.
    if I thought I hadn't received the confirmation email yet I would check my email client spam/junk mail filter to see if it was there.

  27. Hi there. Please try the most recent suggestions @timethief and @auxclass provided and let us know how it goes.

  28. Hello all of you who are so helpful, yet the problem continues. I have tried all combinations and changed my PW 4 times now. To start at the beginning: I ran a blog: (I ultimately complied by taking it down). This erased the word 'Gopoco' (my former UN), as well as 'Web Gurus' and 'The lonely Road to Justice.' (The Blog had somehow become No.1 on Google with that phrase). I own the domain(s): (etc). I want to restart a more generic blog. So far, I can log in with my new 'jonkydoodle' UN and a PW, and it logs me in to ''. BUT, NEXT is where the problem lies. I can do this, yet it tells me I "have no blog!"
    I tried to fill out an account form, including adding an API key I noted down. I could not even submit it! The form had an issue with my email address. Although I still have several old, active emails: [email redacted] and [email redacted], I am phasing them out! Too much SPAM! // Somehow I need Staff to create the bridge (eliminate the glitch) between whatever may have been my earlier access to 'aboutjustice.' Maybe it was deleted when the former blog was deleted? Clearly, I am VERY close: I have my URL: ; I have my new UN: jonkydoodle and I have a new PW: XYZ etc.
    I am aware, this is taking an enormous amount of effort, and I am prepared to donate ?? to wordpress. I sure hope this is our last time,
    thank you all. Jan Steen

    think there is need for Staff? to

  29. Hi there, everyone!

    I've read through this whole exchange, and here's all that I can really provide without revealing account-sensitive information:

    * It's clear that there was previously a blog called, and @jonkydoodle says that it is his blog from some time previously though he's having problems logging in to it.

    * From discussions, it's also been made clear that the username associated with this blog is almost certainly NOT "jonkydoodle" as well.

    * From the most recent post, there may be a domain called which is also owned by @jonkydoodle.


    Given all of the above, I would recommend that @jonkeydoodle, you go ahead and set up a new blog under your current username. The name can be anything you want because once it is set up, you can map your domain "" and point it towards our servers, so that is all that anyone ever sees. They will never see the "(yourblogname)" part, only!

    To create a new blog, just make sure you're logged in to your account (as jonkydoodle) and go here:

    Then for more information about mapping your domain to your new blog, you can read this help article right here:

  30. Hi all and 'amightywp' : although I continue to appreciate the input, the plot thickens..:)> I own: (+ .info + .org) when I did as U suggested, realizing it would cost me $18.00 a year (fine), I entered: '' and got the line: "Sorry, but is already registered as a domain" ('Yip', I woulda said: 'by me!')
    Part of retaining:, is my respect for wordpress; how it would show up on Google again at some point. If I should have done anything else, I'll have a look at your bottom link about 'mapping your domain.

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