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to retain a google no.1 position with a different URL

  1. You don't pay $18 a year: that's to buy the domain and map it. If you already own the domain, you just buy the mapping. That's $13.

  2. I just had a look at the whole mapping scenario. I have to admit, I HATE dealing with Registrars (GoDaddy) and the whole DNS thing. PLEASE, this is all getting too confusing.
    I want to keep '' (or .org) and gladly pay wordpress $15 annually. Please, one last time, direct me to install that URL; forget my domains... if I need to start from scratch with a new UN and PW - fine... thanks, Jan Steen

  3. @jonkydoodle,

    I've gone ahead and sent you an email to the address which we have on file for you on this account. Let's take this off-forum so that we can get to the bottom of things!

  4. Hello both WordPress Staff and raincoaster:
    When I was almost ready to give up, It looks like I finally managed to make it work. Thank you all very much again for your input.
    I will be curious to see if the phrase that is now the URL: thelonelyroadtojustice will ever reach no.1 position again.
    sincerely, jonkydoodle

  5. Hello all:
    I wanted '' I thought I had it going... I wanted to maintain as much of my previous Blog as possible. It ended up becoming a nightmare and I turned to install a second best: ''. I decided it was too much of a mouthful. I started to have problems with logging in; some of 'about-justice was showing up etc.etc. I decided to delete the blog! Even though it was not resolved I have much appreciated your efforts. Thank you!

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