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To Slide or not to Slide, that is the question

  1. Over on a thread I started for Traction users,
    we have been discussing do readers like or dislike the slider on the themes that have sliders - Traction is not the only one.

    Thoughts, people?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When my personal blog was self hosted I had the paid version of Inuit Types theme and it had a slider. Most visitors did not use it. I'm convinced that I used it more than anyone else did until the novelty wore off and then I didn't use it at all.

  3. Hmmmmmmm - thanks TT. I can't tell if my visitors are using it or get the post on there from other links. I'm still trying to determine that. I think they are using it a bit, as the initial background post still gets regular hits and I don't link to it directly very often.

    It is a curious question. Your experience is interesting. Clearly you went with static when you came back to .COM

  4. I think I only used it for the "How this battle began" entry. If you go with static, it would be a good idea to highlight that post for first time visitors.

  5. Is there a way to delay the slider? There is barely enough time to take in what each slide is about in my opinion.

  6. Yes, we can adjust the time. Funny that you ask that actually, Stewiejt, because I've left mine at the default, while has slowed his down.

    Thanks for the feedback Momfog. I did that have that as a sticky when I had a static theme.

    I think I'll try slowing it down a bit, and see what happens.

    I'm really curious about whether movement is an evolving trend or just not really suitable for blogs.

  7. @stewiejt - ok - I've slowed each down for I hope long enough for a reader to be able to read the text. Bit hard for me to tell, as I already know what each one says, so I read faster!

  8. @teamoyeniyi I've just checked out your slider and it's still too fast for me to read, and I'm a very fast reader. I have the delay at 6000 and the other two at 500. That's just about readable but I didn't want to slow it down any more than that. Kind of hard to strike a balance.

  9. My comment was going to be the same as stewiejt's. A couple of times I tried to read it only for it to move on before I'd finished. Could you have a few static 'featured posts' on your homepage instead, maybe? I know the slider does look cool though.

  10. @Tsardom - I already had the start delay at 7000 (more than yours and the second at 400 - I've just moved that up to 500 as per your suggestion.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

    @agrina - on this theme the sticky posts are the slider, so it really isn't an option with this theme to have static posts and the slider.

    I am finding the the "Where it all began" post is getting steadily read though, which is interesting.

    Thanks everyone - this art is hard to learn! :)

  11. Is the slider the rotating posts I saw that day and asked about? I love that idea, it made me see posts in your archive that I otherwise would have missed.
    Slowness is important to me. When something changes color to quickly I find it so annoying! Most all flash animations are too fast for me and they distract from reading. But the gentle change is best. I didnt think your was too fast. I like to absorb things so even a fast slideshow is unpeasant to me.

  12. Thanks @lifewith4cats - I'm reasonably happy with the speed now I think. I think the top banner should be narrower still though.

  13. One of my friends said she can't see my garden pictures in my slideshow, she can only see the text. Is there something she needs to download to view them? Thanks

  14. @rosedalegardens, a slide show is totally dfferent to the featured slider in Traction, the theme under discussion here.

    I've had a look at your page, did you compress the photos before uploading them? They seemed to load quite slowly. Perhaps your friend has a slow connection and is not waiting long enough?

  15. No I don't compress them. I just tell them to upload from computer, select function. Thanks

  16. @rosedalegardens
    All images ought to be optimized and re-sized prior to uploading them into your blog. When you decrease the file size for images before you insert them into your blog, uploads and pages will load faster, you can fit more images into the same space, and using the correct tools means you will not compromise the quality of the image.

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  17. Thanks a lot. I found out she was trying to see them on her phone instead of computer.

  18. You're welcome. In these days when many are using mobile to view blogs it's really important to optimize and resize images before we upload them. Luckily it's easy to do and it's free. :)

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