To the support volunteers, thanks… and a t-shirt?

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    Member approaches the million-blog mark. I’d like to thank the volunteers who provide much of the front-line support on this forum.
    If each volunteer were to get a t-shirt, what should be on said shirt? Here’s my best idea:
    – image of Atlas bearing the world, the world being replaced by the round “W” logo
    – words: we support a million blogs
    Or, if it were to be text-only, I suggest: I support a million blogs and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
    Any other ideas, thoughts, etc.?
    Andrew, very occasional contributor, hence not qualified for t-shirt
    ps This arose in the “million blog topic”:



    I suggested that/ asked for one last year during the wordcamp meetup as I don’t think any of the major volenteers got to go.



    I support a million blogs and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

    Not quite true, but damned funny!

    I like the main idea though. :)



    T-shirts are so iffy: the colours, the sizes. How about a nice, full account at this?



    i love t-shirts. i don’t even need a t-shirt designed specifically for us volunteers, the wordpress ones will do very nicely. especially the black ones. the white ones look alright too.

    /hint over



    I’m coming from the same place rain is coming from on t-shirts.

    I’m really selective when it comes to what I wear — a hangover from modeling. Generally speaking, I don’t wear T-shirts with advertising on them. To me such “banner” advertising looks “tacky”. T-shirts with a discreet logo on one sleeve perhaps may be acceptable, or maybe not. Some necklines can be flattering and others not.

    WordPress is in the blogging business and not the t-shirt business. So if there were to be volunteer appreciation gifts given out then I would prefer that such gifts were in the form of upgrade credits.

    Also as some bloggers like sulz are located in countries where they do not have paypal service I imageine that upgrade credits would be more useful than t-shirts.



    @ andrew
    For the record I think it’s only fair to point out that wordpress has given appreciation gifts to some of the volunteers who answer questions on the forum.

    (1) Over the past 2 years drmike racked up 220 pages answering questions on the forum. He received a contribution to his buy a laptop campaign and domains for his blogs.
    (2) Also raincoaster, who has accumulated 71 pages of answering questions on the forum to her credit over the last year was also gifted with her domain.
    (3) And sulz, who has 30 pages of answering questions on the forum to her credit over the last year got a one year’s css customization upgrade for her blog.

    As wank has said here

    Support is a bit like whack-a-mole. You beat one disillusioned volunteer into the ground, a fresh one springs up to replace them. Consequently there’s no incentive to make their lives easier…

    So at this point in time, it doesn’t appear that either making things easier for volunteers on weekends or awarding all of the regulars volunteers with appreciation gifts is on the wordpress agenda.



    Just also to mention, someone (Actually don’t think it was a staff member but a developer) paid for six months of hosting for me over at synhosting. Really wish I could just comp myself and place my sites back on my own servers but certain SEC laws won’t allow me to do so. *grumble* Thanks Angie where ever you are. Hope the crack’s worth it.

    Working on it though. I got comp’ed for the CSS upgrades on two blogs here as well although I think that and the domain upgrades were actually purchased by a staff member and not just comp’ed.

    The good news is that I don’t need the help this time around as I think I can cover it. :)

    Hmm, page 220? Last time I checked, it was 217. Sulz only has 30? I think she should take over for a couple of days. ;)



    Sulz only has 30? I think she should take over for a couple of days. ;)

    Good idea but sulz is on dial-up, living at home with her parents and doesn’t have a job to pay for broadband service. Maybe her parents would pay for it or maybe not.

    I’m paying $30 per month for unlimited access to highspeed service. Who says blogging is “free”? *lol* ;)



    we have paypal available in malaysia. i daren’t do any sort of monetary transaction over the net because i’m not equipped with the right knowledge for the moment, and i don’t own a credit card. and i’m not working full-time, so i shouldn’t be so extravagant as it is.

    oh, didn’t know drmike’s laptop was with help from wp. and certainly didn’t know raincoaster’s domain was a gift from wp!

    helping out in the forums isn’t so much a question of money as in paying for the dial-up, since i pay half of what i use from my part-time job. i answer questions only when i know i have something to contribute, which isn’t very much to begin with, so i definitely can’t handle the forums on my own.

    oh, i’m planning to get broadband very soon. saving up for it, and there’s an offer until the end of the month.

    i still would like a t-shirt. it’s the clotheshorse in me.



    I think the t-shirts should say: “What browser, browser version, OS and secrutiy programs are you running by the way?” :)

    And, Sulz, that’s way we have the scholarship “fund” over at the Site That Must Not be Named.



    I don’t think my domain was a gift for my help in the forums. I wasn’t that helpful back then. I think it was more that they figured I would trumpet it to the skies, which I more or less did.



    drmike: i did ask you if i qualify for it in the forum there, but you never got back to me, so i don’t qualify la obviously… ?



    You missed one. The first one should be – What’s your blog’s url?

    IMO you did a good job at domain promotion – I went for it too. ;)

    Maybe you should check over at the forum of the wp MU site that cannot be named. Who knows a t-shirt scholarship may be in the works … lol :D

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