To WordPress or Tumblr?

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    Please advise, WordPress vets!

    I’d like to start a blog or two relying on stories from anyone who wants to contribute. I know I could easily make a contact form (or just use an e-mail address) to request open submissions, but it seems like people might prefer being able to make posts in the blog using a nice post submit form like is easily added to a Tumblr. Thoughts on this?

    I feel like Tumblr isn’t good for such a project in other respects, namely because it is a microblogging site and probably not great for long-winded stories. Am I right?

    How difficult would it be to create open submissions for all on

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s possible, if you want to completely eliminate the security protections provided by, but it is not recommended.

    Tumblr is a rotten platform for original thought; it’s essentially a reblogging platform.

    I recommend you use the comment form. People won’t be able to upload pictures or media, but they can include links to them.

    To create open submissions for all on is not that difficult at all. There are plugins for that. But then you’re assuming the risks and they are Substantial. The icanhascheezburger network pays substantial sums to to allow such things AND protect them from malevolent code in the user submissions and spam, which you will get.



    I would want to create open submissions that would be reviewed by me before going live, and I wouldn’t expect such a barrage of spam posts (at least, not at first) that this would take up too much of my time. It is good to know that there are plugins available for this un-recommended blog option. I will look into trying it out in WordPress, then. (I can always eliminate the option if it gets too crazy.) Thank you for your reply!

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