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Today I cannot reply to comments in my blog

  1. Hallo - my two blogs janeadamsart and janeaquariel do not accept my own comments/replies. I am asked to fill in my email and name and website, and then it says "This comment cannot be posted".

    Hopefully this is a passing glitch, and will be cleared up soon.

    Thanks for your attention.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi again - this seems to be fixed. I emptied cookies and cache, logged in again, and was able to Comment. My comment went through.

  3. I was logged in to my account and have left a comment on your blog (in moderation-so you can see it and delete it). It seems to be functioning normally.

    When you try to comment/reply on your blogs, are you logged in to your account? Are both of your blogs on the same account, or did you sign up for each of them with different emails? If you aren't logged in the comment may show problems.

    Sometimes if you answer a comment with the same words, for example: "thank you", the software will tell you that you've already said that and won't let you post.

    Do you have any more details about what was going on when you tried to comment/reply?

  4. Oh, sorry, it looks like your issue is resolved. I went away from my laptop and didn't refresh so didn't see your reply until too lateā€¦

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