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  1. This is where you put links to all the blog posts you made today on Direct Links to each post, not one link to your blog with "well, go root around for it", a direct link to each post you made in on in the past 24 hours.

    I'll start:

    and fur wat? a musical interlude and reminiscence, with celebrity gossip attached for completely arbitrary reasons.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I had a car accident so I attempted to make a humorous post about it!

  3. A post about arranged marriages.
    The Arranged Marriage Theory

  4. Random ramblings about depression and book that has nothing to do about depression. It's pretty deep, so I am full of it. It was still interesting to write out, for me anyway.

    No Motivation

  5. Stunning graphical representations of the debt problem:

    WTF? A Visualization of US Debt


  6. thequietvoice18

    My thoughts on Enrique Iglesias as of late and his song "Dirty Dancer":

  7. Today was about my experience with what I call "dark thoughts" and postpartum depression. It's very honest, and I have made myself very vulnerable.

    The Lowest Point


    Just a quick blog about what happened on my first day back at work and a quick note at the end how I'll be thinking of a fellow WordPresser.

  9. Today is about a new feeling I have never felt before, vulnerability.

    Vulnerable, but that's OK!

  10. Hilarious "Epic Rap Battles Of History!"

    Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza!


  11. thequietvoice18

  12. These are so nice:

    Cool SharkBreak Widgets


  13. The things I learned while I was on vacation this summer.

  14. A visual breakdown of how the left differs from the right:

    Infographic: Left vs Right


  15. Today is an attempt to get a conversation started about depression. It's the only way to heal and get rid of the stigma.

    Let's Get This Conversation Started!

  16. A nice mixture of humor and seriousness:

    Remy’s “Raise The Debt Ceiling” Rap


  17. Today, in my personal blog, not the one link to my username I posted:
    Animal Companionship and Stress Reduction If you are a pet lover too then please join the discussion.

  18. A review about an Introductory Sociology course that I took two years ago.

  19. I posted about a young man I met from the event that un-folded near my house → God Works In Mysterious Ways

  20. I posted about another Australian Partner Visa case that seems to have gone horribly wrong. This couple have been married for four years!

  21. crashcourseinself

    I posted a small memory about my sister, growing up. Not my best post, in my opinion -- I wasn't sure where to take it except I wanted to write the memory down.


    Another false sighting of Maddie McCann. Maybe it's time to let this one go.

  23. The view from my back door, or "Why I'm Really Glad I Refilled My Dog's Xanax Prescription This Week"

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