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Today I Posted...

  1. Yesterday, some fellow bloggers, friends and readers wrote a surrealist poem on Bluebird Blvd. using the Exquisite Corpse technique.

    The results were stunning.

    Today, I have posted the combined poem with links (where appropriate) to the contributors who wrote this poem:

    On the Other Side

  2. Oh this is just totally cool!

    Bad Religion


  3. Some photos from my hike up a mountain today!

  4. The first of two posts featuring those gorgeous time lapse videos:

    Time Lapse Sunday – Part 1


  5. Some reflections on teaching, work-life balance and future ambitions.

  6. Our Sunday Best is one of the signature features of Bluebird Blvd.

    This weekly feature combines a discussion of a single topic (photography, art, music, humor) with resources available all over the internet— and so much more!

    Today, we are looking back at the best of Our Sunday Best, so far—

    Our Sunday Best: Playing Back (A Brief Compendium)

    Happy Sunday! Thanks, everyone!

  7. The second of two posts featuring those gorgeous time lapse videos:

    Time Lapse Sunday – Part 2


  8. I post gorgeous photos of bees in action. Today I posted:

    Bumble hovering over Birdsfoot Trefoil

  9. Wow, my life just gets better and better...

    Bad News From Home…


  10. Well ok, it was yesterday's post, but

    about the trials of being a reefer

  11. messymusings05

  12. Like many people, I watched the start of the Summer 2012 London Olympics.

    Unlike many people, this experience included a running commentary by my husband.

    Let's just say I took notes:

    The Marriage Interpreter (No. 23) 2012 London Olympics-Edition Part I

  13. Laughing and singing in the face of despair!

    I’m Pickin Up Good Vibrations…


  14. O M G - no internet for 4 business days!

  15. Questions my students were itching to ask me... =)

  16. Lots and lots of laughs!

    A Great Day To Whoop Somebody’s Ass

    Have a great day!


  17. Today I posted a coffee cake recipe - extremely simple and super yummy! Do check it out.

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