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Today I Posted...

  1. Dark Rider - Hunted

    Part XI of my ongoing Fantasy Adventure Series, Dark Rider


  2. What can I say, the little boy still lives on inside me:

    Amateur Rockets, Oh Yeah!


  3. Occupy Vancouver Wednesday with Tom Morello formerly of Rage Against the Machine. I figured out how to embed the livestream. Even I can't believe that's possible, but I did it!

    Awesome, awesome concert. He invited EVERYONE at Occupy Vancouver to the concert and gave them all free tickets.

  4. Dark Rider - Certain Death

    Part XII of my ongoing Fantasy Adventure Series, Dark Rider


  5. Reprise - Shawn reawakens from his coma and learns that his troubles are far from over.

  6. Comparing a day last year with a day this year - what a difference!

  7. Why cant I take my own advice?

    I Need to Listen to Myself

  8. Today on the blog: I catch readers up on the happenings in the area after a short break from publishing posts. That's at

  9. Economy? - 6 Weeks Out

    A Reflection on One's Personal Economy


  10. I.D.O. Chapter VI - Taking Flight

    Chapter VI of my "I Died Once" Writing Project


  11. On rural Wisconsin and meeting townies in bars:

  12. Pregnant with my fifth child. A memoir.

  13. I always seem to post right after Momfog. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Define "normal"!!!

  14. Sleeper

    A Spy Story... and why not


  15. My attempt at Friday humor:

    Please, Make It Stop!


  16. From Ashes… Rose Dust… From Dust… Memory

    Of What Was… And of What May Be Again

    Kindron – Dragon Rider

    One Knight (Chapter 7.5) - And Fire Shall Come

    Chapter VII (Part Two) of my Fantasy Novel, One Knight


  17. Sneaking along on tiny lil' cat paws, Halloween continues it's approach.... and this wee lady is getting herself ready.... with this week's "Diary" post as I anxiously count the days...“trick-or-treat-halloween-2011-–-week-3″/

  18. Some fun Halloween cocktail recipes! Check 'em out here

  19. City Reign are a Manchester band and they play pleasant, guitar-driven music. Check out, you won't regret it.

  20. bryoniecarolan

    Is University the Best Time of Your Life?

    I wrote a post about whether or not university is the best time of your life! :)

  21. Winds Of Change - As everyone else drops out of the war, Joshua can only rely on one person, himself... Or can he?

  22. Sleeper - Courtney Starfire

    Part Two of my New Blog Series, Sleeper

    Check it out, and let me know whatcha think


  23. charge

    I dont have anything nifty to say !

  24. Today I posted about the process of applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to your site. It relies on understanding both sides of the system so you know how search engines work, how to use them effectively, and what your target audience searches for. I included 2 brief educational videos contain what every blogger needs to know. Two SEO Videos for Bloggers

  25. Lettuce Sandwiches? - Shifting Your Diet 2

    Still trying to get my Blood Sugar down


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