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Today I Posted...

  1. Occupy Vancouver Livestream (new URL) Occupy Vancouver livestream (they messed up the previous one and changed URLs, damn them) PLUS embed code that works on any blog, just delete the spaces. Yes, you can embed this livestream in your blog.

  2. The Dark Globe - Atlas Shrugged (Film)... In Review

    A Dark Globe Review of Atlas Shrugged, the Film Version of Ayn Rand's Acclaimed Book - by DarkJade



    Writer's Block Overload | Photo Post

    Cause you know, I've been having some serious writer's block in the last few days. Or maybe Im just being too hard on myself.

  4. Domus Dulcis Domus - Finally the next part in the Insanity's Ascension, I have been neglecting it, but hopefully this next part will intrigue you are and give you a renewed interest in the story!!

  5. I wrote two entries today:

    Self-Care, Where Have You Been?

    My 100th Post!! Very fitting too:

    Shake it Out

  6. To Love, Honour and Obey

    My first experience as a wedding photographer

  7. I posted

    Subvocalization, Inner Speech and Intrusive Thinking.

    About that language we hear in our heads, and when it goes wrong.

  8. I just added two pages to the blog. For no particular reason. Just wanted some pages.

  9. Captain Fire 197 - Words Can't Say

    Chapter XVI of my ongoing Sci-Fi Adventure Series, Captain Fire 197


  10. It's a video of my cat, recorded with the new iphone with its flash on. It's awesome and spooky!

  11. blackfrangipani

    My latest design inspired by the colour purple: Regal by look, Regal by name

  12. Today I posted my second piece of poetry- I hope it's fun and exciting to read but if all else fails it's only like 66 words and will take you about 20seconds to read!
    Please leave any thoughts or comments as I'm new to the world of poetry.
    Thanks for dropping by :)


    Basically it's about being gay. But in a politically incorrect and messy way.


    As the war at work rages on, I lose my greatest ally, throwing my permanent job opportunity in chaos.

  15. The Mind Chronicles - Volume Two

    Volume Two of my Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Mind Chronicles


  16. Just another bird. the king?

    And keep up the good work everyone :)

  17. What Taking a Taxi in Thailand Taught Me

    It's all about what I learnt on my Oct 2011 trip to Thailand taught me, having an ephinany in a taxi whilst going to the airport. lol.. It was a great trip and this post is full of pictures and my observations!

  18. stressingoutstudent

    Yeah, yeah, the topics being exhausted enough as it is, but here it is anyway.

    The OCCUPY movement madhouse on campus:

    Mass student walkout and protest through the city streets!

  19. The Dark Globe - Heart Felt... 18 Days Out

    Dark Globe Editorial - Seventh Edition - by DarkJade


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