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  1. So Long - Two people have been taken from my office in what is summing up to be a pretty crappy week at work. I basically just rant which is always entertaining.

  2. I might not be catching up on my reading, but I am catching up on writing - at least a bit!

  3. Ah, the Borgias. I've barely just learned about their history, but now I realize they were more debauched than the Roman court of Caligula, more backstabbing than the Medici and incest was almost as common as it was in the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. I guess you learn something new every day!

    The Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis

  4. Hey!

    Remember that dessert you loved at that one restaurant? You know— that fantastic restaurant. The great dessert with the stuff on it?

    The restaurant closed up shop.

    And that dessert? You cannot have it.

    What You Cannot Have (A List)


  5. moonbeammcqueen

  6. A little help kicking off your weekend:

    Your Friday WTF?!?!


  7. interactions twixt rain and rocks

  8. Quality does not mean sameness, an article inspired by a comment on a previous article

  9. Roy Henry Vickers: The Elders Are Watching Video from my favorite artist in the whole world: Roy Henry Vickers. If you're at all concerned for the planet, or hoping for a way to find spirituality in what seems a mundane world, you will want to watch this.

  10. Million Hoodie March Sunday in Vancouver I bought a new hoodie just for this, and might wear my Anonymous mask.

  11. Among the chicks and bunnies

    Easter checks reality

  12. Today I reviewed a book that I got for my birthday. In my review, I point two things out that are completely true.

    1. That I'm very biased because it's not a book I would normally read.

    2. Whenever a friend buys me a book for my birthday, it's always a late birthday present.

    Discord's Apple by Carrie Vaughn

  13. me trying out meditation on my waffllog.

  14. Hey!

    Ten years ago, I asked my husband to put on his grandfather's tuxedo, go down to the middle of town on a hot day, and allow me to shoot some photographs.

    He wasn't thrilled by the idea, but he let me do it.

    The result is this image, shot on film with my vintage Leica, pulled by me in my darkroom as a fiber print—

    From Here To There

    Thanks in advance for stopping by.

  15. What I'm Missing: in Yellowknife The Long John Jamboree. When it's dark that much of the time, you go a little crazy. Looks like my old neighbors had a blast, though.

  16. Female thoughts on detriments of Male religions

  17. Hello all!

    Although I've written professionally for years, I'm not beyond calling my mother when I need to be talked out of a rut. She has a speech that she gives me that gets me moving again.

    She's given me permission to share a bit of that speech with you—

    Our Sunday Best: The Myth of the Second Act

    Thank you! Happy writing!

  18. Tonight I"m going all heavy metal and remind you of one of the best songs in the history of the genre - 'Running Free' by Iron Maiden

  19. Oh the pain, the pain!

    Damn! Looks Like The Joke’s On Me!


  20. Never Again - Alcohol = Not So Good With The Ladies.

    Alcohol = Throwing Up Like A Tramp

    Alcohol = Death.

    Ugggh. I can still taste the rum...

  21. How Easter Started the true fact of the matter!

  22. Yesterday was my birthday. Yay.

  23. Happy Birthday @ Momfog.

    I posted about knowledge and different modes of thinking:

    On Being-Empirical, Rational and Epistemologally Plural

  24. OpSpamHeadChop 2.0 a new and improved way to easily and effectively fight spam, on Twitter and elsewhere. This gets them right where they live, and it takes at most a couple of minutes.

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