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  1. Best expresses who I am, my identity and different perceptions of a place I've never been.

  2. greyroompictures

    OK - it was yesterday - but it was late... lol

    One of those celebrity cruise events is happening soon - the VIP hosts ? Shopping channel presenters! I got hold of the itinerary and the eccentricity just goes on and on...

  3. I'm off on another rant today, this time about fantasy fiction's many cliches. Honestly, would it kill writers to add a little diversity to a stagnant genre rather than ripping off Tolkein all of the time? How about Western writers step out of their comfort zones and write about some characters from African, Asian or Oceanic mythology?

    A Plea for Diversity in Fantasy

  4. Hey all!

    To commemorate the six month anniversary of my blog, Bluebird Blvd., I have a poem for you—


    Thanks, you all!

  5. meninstylesociety

    A photo shoot for a feature I wrote on the brand, Bed | Stu

    Set the Pace

  6. Trading Standards - I basically just rant about stupid customers again. Seriously how do these idiots even manage to turn on a computer let alone have the ability to send idiotic e-mails.

  7. A story based on some of my own weird experiences:
    In Another Life.


    Remebering school holidays from my childhood - with photos from 1965

  9. Hey ya!

    The late great rock critic Lester Bangs fills me with a fierce sense of wonder.

    He may have had an encyclopedic knowledge of musical history, but the thing that made him great? Lester Bangs was a true fan of rock and roll.

    Here's a toast to an original creature of his own making—

    The Bluebird Sessions: Lester Bangs, Where the Hell Have You Been, Man?

    Thanks! Happy writing today! May all your adjectives be exacting, and let all of your adverbs be borne out of necessity!

  10. Added more things to the "Other Jokes" page, including my thoughts on finally having seen "Son Of Kong" and my review of the film Intruders, which just turns into me trying to make jokes about Clive Owen punching ghosts.

  11. What happens when I'm home sick and coughing like a madwoman? Well, my mind starts wandering and I begin thinking about books. And as I flip through the channels on TV, frustrated that there's nothing on, I remember that there hasn't really been a good movie in years. Hollywood is on a dry spell, which is why they've been making so many books into movies. Thus, my article:

    Books that Should be Made into Movies (Part One)

  12. moonbeammcqueen

  13. readytochangenow

  14. A day in the life of Team Oyeniyi - enjoy - you can all feel superior!

  15. Hello all!

    At one point in my life, it became important for me to stop over-defining myself, and so I developed this personal rule:

    Super-Secret Rules for Adulthood (Remember Who You Are, And Then Toss That Definition Over Your Shoulder)

    This story includes a lot of food metaphors; creepy photos of food advertisements; an overuse of the word y'all; and hopefully, a good dose of self-deprecating humor.


  16. greyroompictures

    My latest is an attempt to steer an article beginning with surreal humour into the very serious topic of the 'Tulisa sex tape' story currently doing the rounds here in the UK...

    My view is that comedy can be an immensely powerful tool to raise awareness of very important issues. With this in mind, I hope that the article manages to 'do good things'. I would seriously love some feedback on it though, as I certainly don't want the article to be misconstrued. Enjoy.

  17. greyroompictures

  18. moonbeammcqueen

    Poor Samantha Brick-- the woman who wrote that Daily Mail article about how incredibly hard it is being beautiful.

    Leave Samantha Alone!!!

  19. Today my post is about living a life with monocular vision. down to earth, honest with a bit of humor.
    Living a monocular life, part 1

  20. Hello everyone!

    The fireflies are here! The fireflies are here!

    Glow, Glow, Glow

    Happy Friday!

  21. Photographs of places which mean something to me and a short story with a supernatural theme Here

  22. Free Digital Copy of Winter, Lust, And Wonder Poetry Book

    Giving Away a Digital Copy of My Poetry Book for the next 48 Hours

    Take a Look Love to Hear whatch Think


  23. Today I reviewed my manbag:

    Billingham Hadley Pro Review

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