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  1. Today I once again pointed out the historical inaccuracies of a popular book. Surprisingly, this book was not written by Conn Iggulden, whose books I have a love-hate relationship with. It was written by Anne Rice.

    The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

  2. Out Of Love


  3. Today I posted an essay on my utter disgust with how people are calling for censorship of every single little thing that "offends" them and are thus destroying freedom of speech because they are too self-centered and self-righteous. And of course, the implications for artists.

  4. michaelcargill

  5. Hey there!

    Although this photograph is one of the earliest shots I ever took, I can still feel the sense of wonder I felt at the experience of holding a camera.

    I've never shown anyone these early images before. I was excited to pull this one from the files:

    Delicate When We Rise

    Happy Saturday!


    I posted about an interaction I had with my roommate where she just doesn't seem to get sarcasm, and it benefited me in the end.

  7. Today I posted about how people can be selfish when it comes to food! Take the I wil not be selfish when it comes to food oath!

  8. Today I reviewed another book by one of my favourite authors, Michael Scott. He's a wonderful fantasy writer that is constantly pushing the boundaries of the genre while providing a fast-paced and entertaining read. Honestly, what more can I say? Well, other than the fact that whoever writes the blurbs for him desperately needs to learn how to summarize properly.

    The Necromancer by Michael Scott

  9. Hey there!

    Although this week has had some funky and crummy moments, one of the ways I cope is by making lists of things that make me happy.

    Coincidentally, the end of my week also falls on the day I do a big compendium of internet awesomeness: OUR SUNDAY BEST.

    What made me happy on this crummy week? A new translation of Beowulf! Sherlock Holmes re-imagined by the BBC! A website devoted to art made using Google Maps! And much, much more!

    The happiness starts here!

    Our Sunday Best: The Little Things Count for a Lot Around Here

    Happy Sunday everybody!

  10. Today on "Ties to a Small Town"...

    Today is Easter! We ask that you share your Easter traditions! Tell us what your plans are.

  11. Here's the link by the way...

  12. greyroompictures

    The Mediocre Mobile Phone Network is offering a stunning new mobile phone. Read all about the Spud-U-Like Mediocre 5000 in an article imaginatively entitled The Spud-U-Like Mediocre 5000 BUY NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!

  13. Lostprophets have released their highly-anticipated record Weapons and here's what I have to say about this fantastic album.

  14. The Easter Bunny, an emo bio. God, this video just never gets old.

  15. Nothing directly to do with us, other than I am female and have 3 daughters:

    Apologies in advance to our followers in Wisconsin

  16. The Green House

    That house on the hill... where does it go during the daytime?


    New fangled gadgets, A lighter look at new technology from a person who is technically disfunctional.

  18. What does it mean when your closets are well-organized, but your house is utter chaos?

    Well, I have a theory—

    In Closets, My Dreams Reside

  19. Ancient warfare is awesome. Especially when it's about a ruthless Egyptian prince, Kamose. But now that I've read this book, I'm not so sure Kamose's horrible reputation is deserved. I guess Pauline Gedge achieved her goal with the trilogy.

    The Oasis by Pauline Gedge

  20. Today I wrote about how I keep far-flung friends involved in my wedding plans.

    Wedding Planning With Skype

  21. I made a special post in which I shared a video of John Cleese delivering a talk about creativity. It's really humorous and thoughtful. A definite must watch.

  22. Percy's people were always so high-handed. It's no wonder, really, that she went off and married that Hades.

    Her Green Gaze

  23. moonbeammcqueen

    Catching fishies, and a list of traditional redneck anniversary gifts.

    Fish You Were Here

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