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Today I Posted...

  1. I thought it was about time I touched base:

    Mucking About The House


  2. Back with an education in aussie slang...the letter very scared...hehehehe

  3. Stonehenge to shopping to stargates... it can only be the further surrealist ramblings of a lunatic...

    Stonehenge, Shopping and Stargates

  4. In my family, calving season is the real beginning of spring.

    My husband took photographs this year to share the sight of brand new wobbly calves with all of y'all—

    Barbacoa No. 2 and Someone Brand New

  5. Seriously bad-assed:

    Dirty Harry Meets Bluegrass And Rap?


  6. I got very angry at a meeting today at work, I immediately came back to my office to write about it....I don't usually rant in my posts but today....well...

  7. As many of my readers know, I have a thing about accuracy in historical fiction. In fact, I can be quite cruel when it comes to criticizing writers for not doing enough research. But there are some instances when it's okay to mess with history and that's what I discuss here in my latest rant/article.

    Accuracy in Historical Fiction

  8. VOTING TIME FOLKS!! All for free - you don't have to be Australian to vote!

  9. It's been a deep, meaningful couple of days on HB/NW, so it's time to relax with a couple of board games turned into movies...

    Kerplunk: The Movie Gets the Green Light!

  10. Hey all!

    In honor of Friday the 13th, I've posted an homage to Wallace Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird."

    Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bluebird

    Because, of course, that's what everyone traditionally does for Friday the 13th. Well, that, and the traditional wearing of the clashing argyle socks.


  11. <strike>A little</strike>, err... A LOT of Friday the 13th humor:

    Friday Freak Fest!


  12. Spring Break ain't what it used to be.

  13. Ever wondered if your kids might destroy the house while you are at work and they are on holidays?

  14. I'm such a sap. Today I reviewed one of the only book aimed at children and tweens that has made me cry. I'm serious. The book is fairly good, but the ending is sad. When I made my mother read it, she was outraged that I didn't tell her about the ending. Despite her outrage, I convinced her to read the rest of the series, which is absolutely a worthwhile read.

    The Fire Within by Chris D'Lacey

  15. timwillersblog1992

  16. Complete this sentence: Eyebrow furrows are to Flannery O'Connor, as ________ are to ________. ♥

    Bathing in the Flames of the Fire I Built

  17. A poem :)

  18. Good jams to ease the boredom:

    Just Another Lazy Day


  19. Cherry Tree, Bumble Bee

    A shot of the little insect nourishing itself and pollinating the cherry tree

    Hope you enjoy

  20. Today I published about the family running and walking for 5 kilometres in a memorial run. There is a reasonable photo of us all too!

    The I came across a video of a refugee family being reunited at Melbourne Airport which I just had to share - it speaks for itself.

  21. Boing! Spring has sprung! :D

    Spring zing

  22. late-baroque street facades from a small village in Upperaustria

  23. A man stands in a canyon.

    He is wearing a hat with a round brim. The sun is late in the sky, but the man’s attention is solely on his view camera.

    Pay close attention— the eye of the world is about to change forever.

    Our Sunday Best: The Time Ghost Rides the Light— Group f/64, Zeitgeist, and Photography

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