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Today I Posted...

  1. Some very cool stuff:

    Your Sunday Awesome


  2. My regular readers know I have a love-hate relationship with Conn Iggulden's books because he changes history around a lot. But I found a new author that writes historical fiction just as well as Conn Iggulden does and he's much more accurate!

    The Other Alexander by Andrew Levkoff

  3. moonbeammcqueen

  4. The 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Here are my thoughts. Come and share yours.

  5. With today's severe weather potential and tomorrow's kickoff of Severe Weather Awareness Week, we're talking 'hazardous' weather on the "Ties to a Small Town".

    Join us in the conversation at to share your views on severe weather.

  6. Yes! I finally conquered my fear of zombies! And all it took was a hilarious political thriller with zombies that was up for nomination for a Hugo award. Thank you, Mira Grant.

    Feed by Mira Grant

  7. marcobigliazzi

    Just a new, extremely silly picture of a cartoon I draw:


  8. My mother walks out of theaters. This one trait of hers has colored the unfolding story of my own life infinitely—

    On Certitude

    — and POOF! Just like that— she was gone. Was she ever there in the first place?

  9. A picture of a cat waiting in an alley in a town in Croatia with a little poem by Nicholas Gordon

  10. I posted about not knowing:

    Agnostic Conditions

  11. Crazy people find my website.

    The Minds Of Madmen: Search Terms

  12. Nail Art Tutorial Simple nail art tutorial featuring a triangle technique

  13. My Autism Awareness Month post, inspired by my daughter Molly:

    My Brother is Autistic?!

  14. marcobigliazzi

    Just another new, extremely silly picture of a cartoon I draw:

  15. ...and another one, maybe sillier:

  16. I came up with a great idea to liven up politics... then immediately discovered hundreds of reasons why it just... wouldn't... work...

    Semi Nude Politics! It's the Future!

  17. A close up of a lizard and a fitting quote by Nietzsche :)

  18. moonbeammcqueen

    Recipes for Writers. From the Test Kitchen of MB McQueen

    Delightful dishes such as Tuna Dump, Rice-a-Ro-Need to Eat Something and Whatever the Hell's On Hand Cookies. Yum, yum!

  19. Seventeen thought I couldn't resist. A battle was waged. But was a war won?


  20. The view from my friend's backyard ia is her cat. These are my photos

  21. This is just too cool!

    Breaking News – Nina Wants Ice Water!


  22. I feel a rant coming on...

    Can I REALLY Just Be Myself?


  23. An political party employee in Australia sounds awfully like the Wisconsin Walker

    Come on women - stick together - the war is not over yet, it seems!

  24. A picture of an old building that is not in the best shape anymore with a poem from Max Ehrmann

    Here already the conclusion of the poem (a little teaser ;)):
    "With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful."

  25. marcobigliazzi

  26. Wow! The last couple of days...

    Mixed Blessings Indeed!


  27. Cherry Blossom Ballet: In Nature and in New Art

    Well, in Vancouver. It was beautiful and a real vacation for me. Gives some side history. Yes, of course there are pics.

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