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Today I Posted...

  1. marcobigliazzi

  2. I sort of got on my political hobby horse again......

    WARNING to Americans - you will be shocked!!

  3. The Shape of Things to Come specifically, ME. Will I look more like Mylene Farmer or Ginger Spice by the time April 2013 rolls around? Stay tuned.

  4. I am dousing for words on the white, white page—

    Songs I Sing When I'm A-Lonesome

  5. A picture through an old castle wall with a
    great view on the other side

  6. How to Do Anything Better on 4/20 so the civilians can't tell you're totally wasted.

  7. phoenixtearsheal

  8. moonbeammcqueen

    I'm a finalist in a Dorothy Parker quip contest! Shaking hands, kissing babies and asking for votes.

    A Small But Heartfelt Plea

  9. greyroompictures

    I can write with such cynicism but today I thought I'd 'go all Disney' and write a weepie... Except this is me, right ? So there's going to be something distinctly odd about the story...

    Danny: A Melancolonic Tale

  10. I like to think that I'm a smart guy, but really,

    What The Hell Do I Know?


  11. phoenixtearsheal

  12. A bit of the late night weird:

    Old And Stinky Wet Dreams?


  13. Two women stand in the hard light of the countryside on a Santa Barbara afternoon.

    The first woman, a photographer, stares intently into the viewfinder of her camera.

    What she's seeing is history, but she doesn't know it yet—

    The Time-Ghost Rides the Light: Green Succulents and Tina Modotti's Hips

  14. About Rock Atlas by David Roberts with the quotes from the author himself

  15. Happy Earth Day everyone!

    Earth Day 2012!


  16. aaroncohenphotography

    My new photo on my photoblog of a dandelion blowing in the wind:
    Make a Wish

  17. Word of the day: Sapiosexual. We all have That least, all us thinking women do.

    and Freelance isn't Free: Client Wars how to handle clients who try to steal your work. If you can't see yourself pulling this, you shouldn't be self-employed.

  18. Hey everyone!

    I am a writer. I spend a lot of time alone. Ergo, I regularly develop hypotheses that are not based in any known reality.

    Here are seven current ideas I cannot shake—

    Seven Utterly Unfounded Personal Hypotheses That Have Little to No Basis in Reality

    There's one about lamps! And another one about Shakespeare and the Coen Brothers!

    Have a great Monday!

  19. Today I posted about two difficult English language sounds

    Do you have a language learning experience to share?

  20. Tell me, can anyone really know if they're actually...



  21. moonbeammcqueen

  22. Just a little bit of Southern flavor for you!

  23. After giving one self-published author a bad review, I felt bad so I interviewed a self-published author whose book I liked. It sparked a very interesting conversation on Roman history, self-publishing and werebies.

    My Interview with Andrew Levkoff

  24. With Santorum out of the running, can poor Mitt Romney really fill those "hard right nut-job" shoes?

    To The Right – March?


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