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Today I Posted...

  1. Racism could brandish the Euros this summer but how did such a culture come to existence?
    Share your views and join the debate about racism here-

  2. A celebrity burning a $100,000 handbag and buying my son a new bike.

  3. Today I posted about what trust really means. Sorry, the post is a little angry, I wasn't in the best mood writing it.

  4. Today I posted about a specific type of person that just burns me to my core. The type of person you just want to scream at because they think they're entitled to the universe. This person? Is the Leech.

    Warning: A minor bit of cussing, due to my extreme anger towards the topic at hand.

    The Leech

  5. I wrote about fitness, getting back in shape and eating healthy. Mostly also about how it's been a struggle, but I've set my mind to it! I got my methods and my weird celebrity references and I'm good to go!

    Slightly lengthy.

    Click here to read

  6. GPOY: me interacting with cats Now, tell me, O Cat Fanciers, what the fuck is up with cats? How is it that, like zeta males, they can always tell who doesn't like them and they instantly fall in love with them?

  7. The Fridge

    It's a short post about the temperature in the fridge and how cheese can help you in these difficult fridge-related situations.

    I technically posted this yesterday, but I am pretty badass :D

  8. Another minor battle with the Australian love of official forms!

  9. A wish to know the name of my new shrub

  10. A new wordpress chain award for informational blogs instead of creative blogs
    but my blog is mainly informational about Long Island

  11. Our tale of a faulty phone - have you bought anything faulty lately and had to fight for a resolution?

  12. After more than a week in a funk:

    Perspective… Restored!


  13. celticmusicfan

    Today..I posted about Cornish Celtic music.

  14. Some positives of outside -

  15. I posted a response to Phillip Zimbardo's attack on video games and provided alternate and more likely reasons for the changes we see in modern males.

  16. Another Invasion

    Aliens invade, but we're much too distracted. Featuring a guest appearance from the Queen.

  17. a street scene with a happy bride and a biker jumping "over" her on a bridge in Amsterdam ...

  18. a lot of photos from an airshow from last Saturday:
    afterburned Saturday

  19. moonbeammcqueen

    Quitting smoking brings out the worst in me-- the worst behavior and the worst writing.

    Butt Kickin' Blues

  20. Slumber party at a campground with 4 pre-teen girls. Oh, and another cake--a tie-dyed peace sign. Very groovy.

    Birthday Party at the Commune

  21. My latest post explains/illustrates why I'm not making my wedding invitations:

    Domesticated Penguins

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