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Today I Posted...

  1. A day of desire. Needing balance, also new song on page sidebar thats very mood appropriate, while reading hit play

    Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine

  2. also .....

    A cover for this new song that was featured as part of the new Snow White movie's soundtrack.

    :D I love it, maybe you will too. Includes the original so you can hear both!

  3. @Raincoaster and all ladies really (plus the men who have the balls to be equal!) - this one is for YOU:

  4. A street art of Mickey Mouse bound and gagged in the streets of Amsterdam with a letter to Walt Disney

  5. snoozingonthesofa

  6. Oh those memories... But with a great song!

    The Circles Of Conflict


  7. Made my garden blog public :)

    Dove's Garden -

  8. A post about me and my boyfriend breaking up.
    Too late for lovers.

  9. roughseasinthemed

    About royalty, given all the Brit celebrations for the diamond jubilee..

  10. A shot down the escalators of the public library in Amsterdam

  11. This is just too cool not to post!

    Venus Transit 2012 – An Ultra HD View


  12. mynameisprobablyamber

  13. snoozingonthesofa

  14. I answer questions about hot button social issues according to what I believe in. Fully interactive, would love opposite ends of the spectrum for sure. I'd really love to hear everyones thoughts!

  15. A look at the music of Australia - and I'm having to split it over at least 2 articles - too much music!

  16. reticentwriter

    Moonlight and music. First attempt using music as writing inspiration. It's not easy!

    Moonlight Sonata

  17. Today I posted on graduation... a special time of the year for so many. Read about it at !

  18. Today I posted The Irish Blasphemy Law – Part 1, in which I take a look and share my opinion on the blasphemy law here.

  19. I posted Pixar's list of writing tips.

    There are 22 of them and they all sound solid to me. Man do I love Pixar!

  20. A post about Father's Day (we have it today in Austria)

  21. A true story about youth and time spent sleeping in trees. Lessons of friendship and the value there of. Oh and also a mighty classic by RUSH. Closer to the heart.

  22. The Child

    A dark flash fiction about snakes, and the suchlike.

  23. I posted a very cute animated video that tells a story about story telling.

    It really is a fun and interesting short.

  24. A new kind of balcony (at least new to me) that I found in Amsterdam that seems quite unsave to me ...

  25. A conversation between my dad and I about people on bikes...and why we don't get along.

  26. So it's not a great post, but it's my first one in two months so... and I made a deal that I have to link here any post I create. :P

    Just a tale of my first exposure to school. It's a filler piece, a stop gap.

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