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Today, my posts are not showing up in WP topics

  1. Two posts from my blog have not shown up as usual in the topics pages of WP, although one I posted from a different blog I write did show up properly earlier today. Is there a possibility the new sidebar/technical changes they made is interfering? Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you checked very carefully here?
    global tags - missing posts

  3. Thanks Time Thief. I went to that support page and checked. I can't see anything that would have prohibited inclusion. Are you saying you saw something? I'm mystified.

  4. No I didn't mean that I saw anything there that applied to your post. I didn't have the time to check the tag pages and look for you post. The tag pages fill up very quickly as their are over 25 million blogs and the posts are entered in datestamp/timestamp order on them. I'm sorry but we Volunteers cannot help with this issue so if you want to pursue it you will have to contact Staff.

  5. I certainly didn't communicate my response well. So sorry. Not what I meant at all. Thanks, always appreciate your assistance.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes with you blog.

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