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Today's scary thought

  1. I want to go try Club Penguin. :)

  2. It's funny. I wanted to do that the other day to see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Your English is too good. They'll throw you out or peck you to death.

  4. :)

  5. lol @ rain. dnt tll me thy use txt spk?

  6. My english? I thought will all my spelling and typing errors, I thought I would fit right in. :)

  7. Their vErri weerd inthr spllig i donno iz kumpulz ori tho.

  8. Sounds like fun. After all, what could be more hilarious than witnessing pre-teens trying to swear at each other in text speak?

  9. Adults trying to do the same thing? ;)

  10. Nah, adults doing the same thing are not IMO funny. Pathetic, but not funny.

  11. Kids ditto.

  12. drmike longing for a second childhood?

  13. Well trying Club Penguin is cheaper than buying a red Porsche.

  14. Especially a porsche that was knitted. :)

    I didn't have much of a first childhood. But anyway, we should go over there, find their support forums and all ask teh same question over and over again. :)

  15. I note that their "18 and over" membership level is a penguin with a crutch. Great, we're the senior citizens of the group. I guess I'll have to gum my penguin feed now. :)

  16. Woohoo, gimp elderporn. What do you get with an "Adult" membership?

  17. Adult membership ... hmmmm ..
    A blow-up penguin elder doll with his or her own removable false teeth and BTW I hear that they are out of stock. ;)

  18. a 100 coins that you can't spend on anything and a yellow, chubby penguin.

  19. Boooo ... yellow and chubby ... now that really sucks ... everyone knows penguins are black over white. And are you sure with an adult membership that you can't use the coins to rent a blow-up penguin elder doll?

  20. Okay so where's the rest?

  21. Never seen Scarface, have you?

    Actually neither have I but I get the reference.

  22. Duh ... I took the take the edge off the pain but make yourself stupid pills ... going to bed now. :(

  23. This Club Penguin thing is NOT going to end well:

  24. I can't see the video but I get the idea of what's going on from the comments. Gotta admit that I ran into two moderators while I was on line for about an hour yesterday.

  25. Oh, you MUST see that video. Those are your playmates.

  26. @rain
    I watched the video. Wow! it was a real eye-opener.
    I've been reading club penguin blogs too. All the cheats and tips 10 pages on google of them are just repeated over and over again. The comments are usually replete with text speak, profanity, poor grammar and flaming accusations thrown back and forth. The kids get so emotional that there are many comments containing little substance that relates at all to the cheat or tips post. However as blogging is a number game we frequently see these blogs in the top categories.

    Back to the thread title. I find the club penguin world to be very scary and I wouldn't cry a river if the COPPA age requirement were put in place here at and they did export their blogs to another blog host.

    How many other blog hosts are there that don't have the COPPA minimum age requirement in place? Does anyone have any information on that?

  27. Every one hosted outside the United States, for one.

  28. How many other blog hosts are there that don't have the COPPA minimum age requirement in place?

    Haven't found one yet actually. I know some forum software has COPPA built in but most folks turn that feature off.

    And all the kid's going to do is lie and click the "I'm over 13..." link. That lawsuit pending against MySpace is a perfect example. (Anyone got a link?)

  29. in the video, the kid's playing UT2K4 (a very adult first-person-shooter, which mike is surely familiar with), not club penguin.

    club penguin doesn't seem bad, per se. just a massive time waster that's only really worth it if your eyes are young enough to be truly dazzled by the bright colors.

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