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Today's scary thought

  1. But it's the same type of kid, from some of what I've seen.

    Dr Mike, how are you doing on your great Club Penguin experiment? What, exactly, does one do there? Other than cheat ("cheet"?)?

  2. I have written a blog article which is not focused on Club Penguin but on the title of this thread "today's scary thought." It can be found here

  3. I poked around for about 30 minutes, realized I couldn't do much without paying, and really haven't been back yet.

    I kind of feel guilty about sitting in a college library playing games if you catch my drift. I do try not to bring staff down on me here. Maybe I'll give it another shot when I get the laptop back.

  4. What is the general age of these penguins? I tend to get along better with children than adults.

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