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  1. Today I saw two new blogs at the top (ahead of Scoble....I was bored to see scoble all the times at the top). But the top blog it is blog (if I am not mistaken). I just want to make sure, Does 'top blogs of' also includes blog?

  2. hosts some VIP blogs, in addition to several domain mapping testers. that blog is probably one of the two. but yes, i see the blue bar on top of that site, just like

  3. I had the same question actually. If the bar is there while you're logged in, it's on a server.

  4. How do u get urs on the top blog list?

  5. My same sentiments. I want Scoble back to Top #1, at least he's a user.

  6. @codykline
    The rules are posted here in case you are interested.
    botd stands for blogs of the day

  7. I have to question the validity of that blog. It's all well and good to be all inspirational-like, but claiming to be "The first female spaceflight participant" is a load of cow patties.

    I guess I can't complain if WordPress is going to give pride of place to blogs, but they have to have standards for them. Lying seems to me to be below normal standards, and unworthy of featuring.

  8. For the record, is a blog. They're just using domain mapping.


    It's not a WordPress blog hosted elsewhere.

  9. nice detective work there, mike.

    they're also just using the toni theme with custom CSS.

  10. I have to wonder myself if some of these blogs really deserve any recognition.After all are they not just spilling out the same stories every other place is?Seems to me blogs which present good original content are much more worthy of my time.

  11. I just got asked this in chat so I'll explain. A CNAME is a translation of a URL. Sort of like a snail mail address. If you sent a letter to "The White House, Washington, DC", changes are it would get there even though the actual address is "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW"

  12. @axewielderx
    The rules are posted here and if you have some specific suggestions for inclusions or changes why not start a thread and invite other bloggers to add to it. I'm sure it will come to the attention of sysadmin.

    Maybe sysadmin will also clear up the mystery as to why an independent blog that exists to review other blogs gets to have a link* on the bottom of this page as though they are "officially sponsored" by sysadmin.

    *More of the best blogs on

    It should be noted that there are other blogs like that review blogs too but do not have this special status of a link on the main page.

  13. Just to clarify, if this is a blog I have no issue with it being on the list: my issue was solely that I thought a special exemption had been made for a blog that's not strictly truthful.

    There are tons of blogs on the BOTD list that wouldn't be my choice to feature, but this is not a prize for worthiness, it's a measure of fame. If fame were only given to those who are worthy, we wouldn't have many celebrities, would we? It's just a cold measure of popularity and, as such, pretty instructive.

  14. [... but this is not a prize for worthiness, it's a measure of fame. If fame were only given to those who are worthy, we wouldn't have many celebrities, would we? It's just a cold measure of popularity and, as such, pretty instructive.]

    Well said.

  15. I guess it is true that being listed on the top is only a measure of fame.But I then have to wonder why not call them"famous blogs or most visited blogs" or something along that line.Top blogs really implies the best and IMHO copying pasting a from another blog is something anyone can do and does not require any special skills.

    I guess my thoughts on this go a little bit deeper into this than what most people would care to know and in the end this runs into the purpose of what a blog is for.
    Since this often defined differently by everyone then what is the best quality or "top " blog would be different for each person thus making this discussion moot at some point.

    Therefore, starting another thread about this would only leave to a question unanswered or answered,most likely, in many different ways.

    However,just to illustrate my point, I made a post on my blog just to show what kind of answers(if any comments are even posted)might be given.


  16. There are blog ranking sites that look at the actual content, and there's a link to one of them right from the page. This is a semantic question, but "top" generally does not imply, except to Donald Trump, "best," only "dominant" if you want to get right into it.

  17. Since we're on the subject... anyone else notice that there is a top blog that is cutting and pasting articles from other news sources?

  18. (1) Here's a useful page rank tool, just a tool. If you type in the url of any page after you link to the tool you can see how the attribution is done. It takes time but it's worthy of checking out IMO

    (2) Some blogs exist only for the purpose of locating and posting media information pertaining to a particular place or a particular topic or theme. In some small locations all blog readers want is for the blogger to shift through the media reports locate the pertinent ones and post them without crafting an additional bias, opinion or slant and tacking it on top of bias, opinion or slant the media reports have originally been crafted to provide.

  19. techaddress is citing where it's articles are coming from so it's a gray area.

    I would click on the 'Spam' link within your admin bar when you're looking at the site and explain why you have an issue with it.

  20. I do that all the time, although I certainly do comment on the stuff and use it as a takeoff point for my own words. Is it that bad? We all get our news from somewhere; the good thing about the Net is that we can give full credit to our sources and continue the discussion in written form.

  21. The following is an academic argument being offered to you in the same manner I would offer it to my local discussion group. I do not expect anyone to reply to me personally. The following is offered only as food for thought: "top blog" is a meaningless label.


  22. @timethief:

    topblog might be a meaningless label but it gets you the hits. I see a couple of blogs on those list which I feel have NO content whatsoever. And yet the fact that they are right there on the list makes people go back over and over.

  23. 200-300 hits a day if you're in the top ten. I can say that from experience, cuz I'm a proud famewhore.

  24. oh ! thanks for clearing that up :)

  25. oh ! thanks for clearing that up

    We've always known that rain was a proud famewhore. ;)

    Axe, look at it this way. Do you know the names right off of the last 2 folks who paid the $20 million to be shot in space? Heck, I never heard of her until this thread and my doctorates concerned space travel. (Well, sort of.)

    (Shows you how much time I have to follow the news.)

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