toggle btn to hide/unhide part of the text – howto?

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    I cannot find…
    How to hide/show (shrink/stretch) part of the text in blog post by pacing a toggle (cross?) button

    The blog I need help with is


    There is no hide/unhide button that will collapse and expand a post. You can use the read more tag to shorten posts on the front page of your site and when people click that they are then taken to the full post page so that they can read the whole post.


    Yeaah… collapse and expand, thanks for the terms!

    Suppose I want to insert a lengthy Email (or ticket) conversation,
    some parts of which are not essential but cannot be ommitted b/c the context might be lost…

    How would it be better to format/present/cite/insert into an article?


    About the only thing you can do is to put the whole thing into the post. As far as differentiating them, You could put those parts in brackets, or perhaps make the text italic.

    If things are really long, then you can use pagination instead of just the single read more tag. That would allow you to break it up into multiple parts.


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