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  1. Wha?? I just discovered this site has completely reproduced my entire blog.

    Even weirder, When I'm at their URL ( for example), I get the wordpress blog admin bar.

    I can't seem to find much about it online-anyone?

  2. took me to an Arabic porn site. No admin bar.

  3. But tacking on /6927 did take me to a dupe of your blog with a functioning admin bar. I was even showing as logged in to leave a comment. Weird.

  4. Very weird!

  5. eeewww. maybe wordpress does need to look at this! Were you able to login/leave a comment?

  6. Cause...I can. OMG. This is really alarming.

    Mods...can you remove that link??????

  7. But it's not showing up on your real blog, right? I didn't see it in comments for the 1st 2 posts.

    Do you think the word Naked in your most recent post was the trigger?

  8. LOL!
    Oddly enough, the most common search term on my blog is "frog porno".

    I didn't make any changes using, since I wasn't sure what would happen.

  9. I tried it--yep, if I delete stuff there, it's gone at too.

    The fact that you can also see this implies that it isn't just spyware on my individual computer.

  10. And if you delete something on your .com blog will it vanish from the clone?

    This is probably a horse and barn door question, but is your feed for the full posts? The feed refreshes fairly often. One of the times when my blog was stolen I added text to the top photo saying -- in big, red letters -- All content stolen from (my url). It showed up soon after at the thief's site. I think it's still on the photo, come to think of it.

  11. Interesting...I'll give it a try.
    They seem to have swiped the entire blog--when you click on the clone on their version, you get all the posts, just with a tokhmeh address. And it's definitely a porn blog.

    I'm more concerned with the actual reproduction of the unpublished drafts--I deleted a draft at Tokmeh, and the same draft disappeared here at WP. It's the stuff inside the barn that I worry about.

    That means potentially all my personal info is out there floating around. And the IPs and emails of all my commenters.

  12. I figured it out. It is a very, very persistent frame.
    So, it *looks* like I am navigating in tokhme, but I'm really not.


    Although, *you* should NOT still have been able to see that wordpress login bar......
    That is still disturbing.

  13. So that was just your blog but in a frame and not stolen on the porn site?

  14. Well, posting in a frame is arguably stealing anyway.

  15. yes and no--it's in a frame, but the frame does let people who are NOT me see the admin pages.
    That's not good.

  16. How is this possible?

  17. I don't understand this either.

  18. Its just including in a frame, nothing else. If your logged into it will have you logged in their, not as you membracid; but, whatever the person is logged in as.

  19. Yes, so nobody can get to anybody's admin pages but their own. If you log out and go to that site, you'll see you can't access your admin pages.

  20. yep, confirmed. It must have been because I had another wp person look that they also were logged in. I didn't get to the admin pane on a totally different computer that had never been logged into WP.

    Interestingly, I do still see the menu pull downs though, even when not on my computer.
    If you click on them, you go to the wordpress login.
    (Still in the tokhmeh frame, and still showing their address).

    Well, that was nerve-wracking. I need chocolate.

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