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Tons of hits from spam domain?

  1. I had this issue too and I was redirected to this thread. Thankfully, that spam website does not show up on my statistics and I believe it is hidden under other sources, but it is still being recorded every time I get a hit from this site. I am not sure if I should still contact WP support or wait for some more time.

  2. Unfortunately, there's no way at this time to block these visitors, so there's no way to remove them from your stats overall.

    In fact, many cases are legitimate users who have been infected by a virus or are using a sketchy browser add-on or tool-bar that is "spoofing" the spammy referrer, and we certainly don't want to block those.

    What we do instead is filter them out and hide them under "Other Sources," since it's still technically a referrer, but you don't want to see it. :)

  3. So, if gets attacked by Anonymous, it'll be great for hits? Awesome! I'm off to piss someone off right now...

  4. Thanks macmanx. On the other hand, I do use sitemeter to track my site statistics and found that I had only 15 hits there today but my dashboard stats indicate around 40 odd hits, most of them spam of course. Now, if legitimate views are being spoofed as originating from a spam reference, is there a possibility that such genuine visits could be ignored by these site stat aggregators ?

  5. It's possible, and we are looking in to alternatives, but at least we have the major issue taken care of for now.

    You could call it the first step in an ongoing war against referrer spam.

  6. maggieannthoeni

    Thanks for this fix ("Other Sources"). It means I can subtract that number and know legitimate visit number.

    'Other Sources' is super and such a relief!

    RE my yesterday BLACKLIST posts. I was told by support that 'blacklist' (found at 'settings' > 'discussion') lets me blacklist comments (not referrers). I finally clued in later! 'Blacklist' filters out nuisance commenters only. The main one of those I've had involved 'green hornet', I've blacklisted 'hornet' and stayed free of comments from 'greenhornet' so far since.

    This forum has been great support during this flurry with spam referrers - Thanks to all!

  7. Spam referrers today,, 15 hits today so far.

  8. Please contact us directly to report new spam referrers:

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