Tons of spam comments in the last 48 hours — what gives?

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    All of the sudden my site was hit with about 10 spam comments (the type sent from an email address like: (email redacted), always trying to link you to something). In the past, WordPress did a good job catching them. Did something change?


    I’m finding that too! They all have the same structure (nonsense words followed by lots of spam links) but they are never being caught no matter how many times I “mark as spam”. crazy.



    Exactly! WordPress, help us from the spamterrorists! lol.



    Just mark them as spam. Akismet will learn and they’ll get caught automatically.



    I’m actually not a student of Akismet. Can someone explain how it works? Does it just track items like crawlers and spam bots?



    I know it’s annoying but it’s not a small problem.
    Over 16 million spam comments caught today.



    I’m getting lots of spam comments with strings like the following

    From “Cole Daugherty”: pinbone preinterpretation rancel clubfooted heterization unwifely apium trikeria
    From “Andrew Harrington”: cancellous cubometatarsal hypogeal preinstallation birdseed spinuliferous veretillum paceboard
    From “Hazel Burgess”: plemochoe landlordly arecaine equidensity interline clinkum pasmo molle

    Another point is that these spam comments usually only have one or two links. Akismet spam usually contains five links or more.

    It looks like the spammers have found a weak point in the spam comment detection, whereby the spam detector fails to detect things which have a random “anglo-saxon” name, a string of obscure words which are hard for the spam marker to see a pattern in, and one or two links.



    Spammers always hammer in on the weekends, for some reason. Two got through my spam filter today as well. Because we can’t look at Akismet spam queue any more, there’s no way to figure out what kind of a percentage that represents, unless I want to write down my spam total every day, minus how many I think are probably 15 days old…etc, etc.



    I’m more worried that it puts the spam in the moderation queue, but puts regular commenters with the same email and ip they’ve always used in the spam pile. If it does learn, you’d think it would learn that this email and ip are safe and have been marked not spam many times.



    well, it looks like this is a major problem: anyone from wordpress wish to comment?


    lazyaussie: I echo that. I have had regular commentors whose comments fell into the spam box because they had a few links in their comment. No request for moderation even! Yet no matter how many times I mark those other comments as “Spam”, Akismet doesn’t seem to learn.



    Yeah, I get a couple of stray ‘Comments’ that are really spam for gambling. I just click on those as ‘Spam’ for Askimet to take care of while the rest are already learned by Askimet. On a side note, the ‘Delete’ selector may be accidentally selected due to it being too close and right below the ‘Spam’ selector under the ‘Comments’ tab.


    There must be a storm going on because for the first time in ages it’s even slipping past Akismet filters. A minor annoyance that a few clicks will take care of.



    I’m getting bored of these spam comments, so I’ve switched off unregistered comments.


    banj, even if they don’t automatically get published in your comments, you’re still going to have them in your moderation queue if Akismet doesn’t zap them first. Or have you found some way to go one better on Akismet?



    Press “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” under “settings”.


    Help! I’m getting spammed to death!


    Akismet seems to be catching most of the spam at my blog. The total from Dec. to Mar. was 20-something. Then today, I noticed it had jumped to 300-something. Judging by the keywords, mostly gambling sites, 1 or 2 products.

    If you go to your dashboard, under “settings” you can filter and/or “blacklist” comments using keywords, ISPs, URLs, etc. The ISP numbers and URLs you can get by looking at what Akismet has caught.

    Here are the key culprit ISPs I gleaned from my Akismet alerts —

    I’m going to see how well the settings work at catching spam from them. So far though, Akismet has been doing really well for me. (Thanks Akismet!)



    Just a reminder, folks. On a daily basis, some blogs are hit with dozens if not hundreds of comment spam. If ten or twenty get through out of a few hundred, that’s a pretty good ratio. Just clean them out by marking them as comment spam so Akismet will recognize them in the future, which will clean things up down the road.

    If you turn comments off or require moderation, that doesn’t stop comment spam. It only interferes with the comment process and can make more work for you.

    Comment spammers are working overtime to come up with ways of beating Akismet and other comment spam filtering services. By “teaching” Akismet to recognize the new comment spam, we’re working as a community to block it.

    I recommend that you use the mass edit mode to filter through the comments (called List View in WordPress 2.5 but behaves the same), and use the Auntie Akismet Spam for WordPress Greasemonkey Scripts for FireFox by Engtech to streamline the process of managing Akismet’s queue.

    If you normally get 10 or 20 comment spam a day, and 2 or 3 get through, imagine how tough it is for those who get 300-500 comment spam a day and 20-30 get through. :D



    sometimes maybe a blogger blogs about certain stuff which people in a forum finds it interesting,copies links and people starts to come in flood blogs

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