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Too long to load

  1. I have a problem on my site where one of my followers is having problems with my site taking too long to load on his computer, despite the fact that he has a broadband connection. I have had this problem before and resolved it by reducing my posts to ten per page and resizing the photos on my own so they are not as big when they load. His computer is still loading 20 posts per page and he says it takes about ten minutes to load. No one else I know has this problem and I would like to resolve this issue as he enjoys my site but can't visit as much as he'd like due to this problem. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Has your visitor emptied their cache memory and deleted their cookies?

  3. I don't know, but I will send him the link and get back to you.

  4. Same issue here. Cache emptied, cookies deleted. This keeps happening. I switched hosting from GoDaddy to WP. Is there a known issue, bug?

  5. Page loading time has become a pageranking factor. Assuming your user does not have a browser issue or a connection issue then please take a look at your blog and consider making adjustments.

    (1) Reduce the number of posts displaying on the front page of your blog here > Setting > Reading

    (2) Insert "the more tag" into your posts and splt the text so only the beginnings of sposts appear on the front page. If the post has large images or video iembeds then insert "the more tag" befor the images or embeds.

    (3) Reduce the size of images, the number of media embeds in posts and the number of widgets in your sidebar. Your blog’s load time will increase in accord with the number of images, videos, other media embeds and the number of widgets running script you have on your blog.

    (a) Images, flash and sometimes even sound files can draw visitors but do you really need all that you have now?

    (b) If you don’t need sharp resolution, choose GIFs over JPEGs, as GIFs load more quickly. JPGs are generally best for photos, GIFs for anything else.

    (c) Optimize and decrease the size of your images or use thumbnails that link to the full-size image.

    (d) Reduce the number of widgets, embeds.

  6. @avantvoice
    Oops! How can we Volunteers locate the blog, eyeball it and provide you with any advice when we don't have the link to the blog you refer to? :) Please post the complete and clickable URL for the blog in question starting with http://

  7. Here the address of my blog:

    By the way, my subscriber says the problem occurs when he accesses my site through email notification of new posts. If he goes to my site outside of the email (like typing in the address himself) then everything is fine.

  8. You need, DESPERATELY NEED, to reduce the size of the image files you use. Web has a resolution that is very low. Your files are huge. Don't upload straight from the camera: use a service or program like Gimp, Photoshop or to optimize your images for the web. I doubt anyone using dialup could EVER open your blog.

    But as for that email issue, I'd contact staff once they're back at work in a couple of days. They might be able to give additional feedback. Maybe it's just that your friend has both his webmail and your blog open at the same time, and it's too much.

  9. @raincoaster
    I don't upload from my camera and I resize in photoshop or lightroom using the optimize for the web option to a size that is recommended by the wordpress upload window. I do however have the resolution set to 360. If this is too high then what is the proper resolution for the web. Remember, I don't have this problem as the pages load almost instantly on any of my three computers I have that vary form one to eight years in age.

  10. Resolution for web should be 72dpi. Your background image is also really large and loaded very slowly for me.

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