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too many gallery pictures

  1. christopherfabbri

    If a gallery has too many pictures, is there a way I can I make it into 2 or more pages, so that the post won't be so long?
    any help, appreciated

  2. You can use pagination but in order to do that you'll have edit the Gallery shortcode in the HTML Editor and use "includes" to display your images.

    You can read more about using the Gallery here: specifically

    Even more here:

    and there are demos here:

  3. christopherfabbri

    Thanks. I do use the pagination code, with text, to separate pages into numbered pages,
    but lets say I have 700 images in a gallery and I want 100 on each page.
    I know to enter [ gallery ] , but is there a code to make the images show up in numbered pages? like 1,2,3,4 etc
    Thank you

  4. No, there isn't.

    Regardless, seven hundred images is quite a lot to upload to one page, even with pagination, not to mention the amount of work to find the image ID of each of those photos to use with the "include" parameter.

    Another option would be to split your Gallery into Pages with Child pages and upload the images directly to those pages and only use the Gallery shortcode without the need for "includes".

  5. christopherfabbri

    Ok, Thanks!

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