Too many pictures in one post?

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    Hi. I’ve read some topics related to the issue I have problem with but haven’t found a direct answer. I want to upload 6 pictures in one post (they’re all 300×225 and 170KB in total). I don’t use the “upload button” but type:
    <img src=”http://…/> instead. It works with one picture but when I want to get all 6 – none of them is displayed.

    Can anyone help me?



    i use that method too without any problem.

    <img src=”the url” alt=”1″ />

    does it look like this when you press edit post? sometimes it strips it, i don’t know why, and i have to redo my image links again.



    thanks for the advice, it’s working with alt=”1″ which I didn’t add previously

    also, a friend of mine told me not to put a slash at the end of the url



    Can we please see what you’ve done? (ie Point us to the post where this is occuring) If it’s this post, I see the images fine.

    The slash needs to be placed at the end of an img tag. It requried for both HTML 4.01 and XML. Not a biggie though as it won’t break anything. Web diehards will complain if things aren’t prefect though. It may muck up some RSS readers as well. (Those that aren’t forgiving.)

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