Too Many Politic Ads on WordPress masquerading as Blog postings

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    I don’t have a question, more like a suggestion or perhaps a gripe. When you look at any number of categories in “Reader”, politics, for example, the posts are merely political ads or videos of campaign commercials. I don’t like that because it detracts from those of us writing actual content, free content, often popular content that WordPress is getting for free and we do not have the bully pulpit that is offered to the political campaigns by the media. I think you should stop that type of behavior. Just thought I’d offer my perspective on the matter.
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    It’s an interesting question: whether putting videos of political ads on your blog is “advertising” and thus violates the terms of service. They almost certainly don’t get paid for it (never rule ANYTHING out though) but they do get something out of it. And there are strict rules about political advertising.



    They are just campaign ads. There usually isn’t any content other than the ads, no analysis or whatever, on some of the blogs and the blogs, many of them anyway, appear to be solely for the purpose of campaigning.

    It’s like pollution and it detracts from the other bloggers.


    I agree that posting a political campaign video and no analsis is advertsing and I will be interested in seeing what the Staff response is.



    Posting a campaign ad is more like freedom of speech. Once you start collecting money for posting ads, that becomes a problem.

    Would you please give me a link to three of the offending blogs so I can take a look?

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