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    I can’t get onto my wordpress blog and when I type in my URL address it says “Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred.” Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Is your blog actually hosted with wordpress.COM, or are you using a self-hosted and installed version of wordpress.ORG? If so, you are in the wrong place, and should seek assistance at the forum which you can find here:



    This has hapoened because you have set up a domain mapping (or possibly redirect from to gameofstyle,com and a redirect from to

    this happens frequently when someone sets up a domain mapping, don’t wait the 72 hours for a nameserver propagation, see it doesn’t work and change the neamservers back to the host.

    If you are trying to do a domain mapping then you need to change the nameservers back to point at wordpress. If you were trying to do something else let us know what and we’ll try to instruct you,



    Thanks so much much, tandava 108. I changed the nameservers as per the info and it’s up and running again.

    Is this something I will have to do regularly or is the problem fixed for now?

    I ask because the site was working fine for two years forwarding from the host to WordPress but all of a sudden this happened.

    Thanks again.



    You should not have to change it. I wonder whether your registrar made a mistake and changed the nameservers back to the default.

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