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Too many redirects after changing primary domain

  1. Hi,

    Yet another "too many redirects" problem!

    I've read the answers to other apparently related questions and think that they do not apply, because this was working fine, I have not changed any DNS settings, and reversing my change does not restore the situation. Description follows.

    I changed the primary domain name of my blog from (for which the upgrade expired long ago) to (the original default domain).

    When I try to visit my blog, my brower fails to access it with the error "too many redirects". It appears to be in a continuous cycle between the two domains. Changing the primary domain name back to does not remedy the problem.

    So, currently, my blog appears to be inaccessible. What do you suggest?

    John W Lewis
    Email: [email redacted]
    Twitter: @JohnWLewis

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    It sounds like you need Staff to assist with sorting this out. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. Thank you "timethief".

    I am registered to be notified of followup posts via e-mail (which I presume is what you mean by "subscribe").

    Looking forward to further response.

  4. You're welcome and yes that's what I meant. Staff will assist you after they respond to the threads tagged for their attention with date and timestamps earlier than the date and timestamp on this thread.

  5. This problem appears to have been resolved. I do not know whether this is due to intervention by you ( or whether it has resolved itself.

    If you are busy with other issues, then I am no longer in need of immediate help. However, it would be very useful to know what I did that might have caused this, and what I could do next time to avoid it.

  6. The most likely reason is that it can take 24-48 hours for domain/DNS changes to propagate throughout the internet. It typically happens faster than that, but it really depends on your ISPs update frequency. During this time, you can see weirdness like the redirect issue you describe.

  7. Thank you, "rootjosh", for replying.

    Clearly DNS settings are important to the relationship between the domain name and the destination. However, in this case, there were no DNS changes, so there was nothing to propagate.

    The only change was in the settings at of which of two available domain names is the primary domain name for the blog. It appears that requests to the domain name that is not the primary domain name are redirected to the primary domain name. As described above, the problem has now resolved itself; but, for a while, requests to either of the two domain names were being redirected to the other domain name, which resulted in an infinite loop and to the requesting browser reporting "too many redirects".

    The exception to this was for requests to the admin pages, which were working correctly. This might be a clue to the cause.

    In any case, as it has resolved itself, I do not need further assistance. However, this has reduced my confidence in the robustness of's domain name settings.

    Thank you for your help,

  8. In that case, I would look to your browser using cached information to have caused the redirecting. Did you test with a different browser or try clearing your cache?

  9. That's an interesting point. I did not try those things.

    If that were the case and fixed the problem for me, then it would still be experienced by everyone else using the site unless they did the same. In both cases, it is an unnecessarily poor experience for them.

    Also, for this to be the case, either the server would need to be miscommunicating, and/or the browser would need to be misusing, information about the duration for which redirects are valid. In addition, the browser, on detecting "too many redirects", would need to be continuing to rely on its cached information rather than retrying the request. So it seems like a long shot.

    Given the consequences of the blog becoming unavailable, I am not inclined to try to induce this problem again. But if it does occur, those tests could be tried. However, as described above, even if it explained the behaviour, it would not resolve the problem for people using the blog.

    I'd be interested to know whether this has been tried in any of the other cases of people reporting problems with use of generating "too many redirects" failures.

    There is probably no benefit in continuing this discussion until the situation occurs again.

    Thank you, Josh, for your feedback.

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