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    I seem to have used too many tags on my favorite post this far. I’d really like to show off this post. I realized that the reason why the post didn’t show up in the streams I wanted was because I had too many tags – I didn’t realize there was a limit until one of my blogs followers tipped me off.

    I have reduced the amount of tags on the post. Can I relbog my own post, or do I have to make the same post again? Is it possible to publish the post again?

    Hope for some quick answers.


    The blog I need help with is



    If you went into edit to remove the extra tags, and re-published it, then it should find it’s way into the Reader. If you didn’t edit it and publish it again then it won’t. You could just copy/paste it into a new post and use less tags, that would work.



    If the post is published, don’t delete it. Just reduce the number of categories/tags and update the post.

    This is no guarantee it will show up in the reader and consider it a lesson learned.


    I did the post again. Lesson learned.
    Thank you for the replies :)



    1) There’s no guarantee a post will show up in the reader anyway.
    2) The “limit” is a myth; see here:

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