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Too Many Views??

  1. I've been seeing, over a few months, 20 to 30 views to my blog from Australia.

    Today, I have 129---all to the Home page/Archives!

    This "bothers" me since I feel their somehow "bogus"...

    Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Traffic happens, try looking in the referrers and search terms of the stats page for a hint

    A bigger issue is your site is prime to be suspended for violating the Terms of Service.

    You have many affiliate link display ads in your sidebar - those are against the terms of service and your blog will be suspended.

  3. Referrers and Search terms don't account for what I'm seeing...

    Also, there are no "affiliate" links in my side-bar---just links to other sites.

    I am involved with now affiliate programs...

  4. Sorry, that last sentence should have said: "I am involved with no affiliate programs..."

  5. Some of the display ads do look like affiliate links

    Also traffic happens - what else is there to say - I get from time to time and abnormal number of page views from some countries, in some cases I can match the traffic to a specific Post - sometimes not - either way your blog is in no danger but yes you will have a spike in the traffic - maybe a few of them will stick around and subscribe to your blog

  6. Well, I hope it is real traffic though I can't understand over 100 folks finding my Home page without there being some indication of referrer sites...

  7. I gave up some time back on some of the traffic & search terms -

    Good luck

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