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    Total views for an older post are listed at over 18-hundred in one day. I just can’t buy that. It’s never happened before. Not even close. The most a post has drawn in the past was fifty-one and that happened only once. The usual high number is six. Can it be possible a post drew that many views in a day or is something wrong with the system?

    The blog I need help with is


    This happened to me, yesterday! 1200 views from the same Google search terms for an older post. I know the views count is wrong, and now it throws off all of my stats info. Anyone know why this happens?

    The blog this happened to is



    It’s not wrong. It’s anomalous, but not wrong.

    Clearly Google just changed their image search. Some people here are complaining their hits drastically dropped, and some are saying the opposite. It happens, and it’s out of our control, but the hits are real. People are looking at your blog because you have what they want: Google just rejiggered where you stand in the rankings, that’s all.



    Yes Google changed image search and in some cases the result has been the exact opposite of what your report.



    Thanks for the replies, This has only happened once in two and a half years so hopefully it won’t happen again for another 2 1/2…or more.

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